Top Best Nintendo Switch Accessories


Nintendo Switch is a prominent video game console. Unlike PS4 and Xbox One, the hybrid console is super portable, hence can perform a double purpose. Because of its mobility, it can serve as a handheld and a home console. Some of its accessories include screen protectors, chargers, headphones, and Bluetooth, etc.

 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

It is a priority equipment for the gaming device because there is a probability one may trip and break or scratch their Switch screen. This screen protector is so effective since it also protects your screen from the Switch TV Dock. To most gamers, it is usually annoying seeing a blemish on the screen during gaming.

One of the customers confirmed using the screen protector for three consecutive years, yet still in good condition.

SanDisk 128 GB High-Speed MicroSD Card

Storage space is essential when it comes to downloading games for later use. The 128GB San Disk offers adequate storage for the Switch. Although one can use cartridges, some games need extra storage. As such, the SanDisk can serve one for many years, enabling easy downloading of multiple games. Always ensure when purchasing a SanDisk, it’s marked as class 10 and at least XCI.

Power Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock

It is easier to charge the Joy-con controllers by inserting them back to the Switch. Whereas to charge the Pro controller, one needs a USB- C cord. Therefore, the power from Power A, charges both the controllers effectively.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 (with Bluetooth)

This pair of headsets comes handy with Bluetooth, enabling adequate audibility while gaming. It can, therefore, work while corded, letting one directly connect to the Switch or rather use Bluetooth connection.

Gulikit Bluetooth Adapter for Switch

Although there are many adapters, Gulikit is the best adaptor for Switch and Switch Lite. Due to its thin profile, it rests nicely while gaming hence doesn’t destruct. The adapter is also essential during plugging in Bluetooth headphones.

Bionik Power Commuter Bag

The Switch case or rather commuter bag is storage for two fully charged 10000mAh batteries. The batteries serve as power generators to the Switch, especially when one is out gaming. In that way, your Switch gets charged.

Orzly Switch Screen Cover Stand

It is of significance mainly while traveling. The cover is a little rigid, made of fabric, and resembles phone and tablet covers. It shields the Switch screen while in the bag during movement. It also acts as a stand if one wants to play on a table. However, it moves from sideways while gaming.

Orzly Protective Case (Handheld Only)

It is affordable and provides durability and a good grip to the Switch. They make the case of rubber hence offers protection to the handheld Switch. Even though one can’t remove the Joy-Cons with the case on, it is easier to take off the case.

Orzly Carry Case

The case ensures extra storage for both games, cables, and controllers. Many rates it highly and recommend it for games, especially as it ensures maximum organization.

RLSOCO Carrying Case

Especially for TV players, the RLSOCO comes in handy. It can accommodate the controllers, cartridges, and even the extra peripherals if one needs to go gaming out with friends.

FastSnail Grips Joy-Con Controller Handles

Games like Delux require the player to tilt the Joy-Cons for better ergonomics. This way the player can game fully with no difficulty.

PDP Joy-Con Rubberized Grips

While using the Switch without a TV, the Joy-Con rubberized Grip gives your fingers a more comfortable touch.

RAVPower Portable USB-C Battery (Charge While Playing)

This battery saver can recharge one Switch while gaming, hence it’s essential. It also has extra ports where one can charge tablets or phones using a USB cable.

Aukey PD 10,000 mAh Power Bank

It is another great battery pack that ensures a fast charge. Sometimes, gamers prefer playing while charging the switch. However, alternatively one can use the Aukey Power Bank to attain a quick charge.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

It is among the most comfortable controllers which pro gamers often use. It is a wireless pro controller, hence easy to use even for extended periods.

Nintendo Joy-Cons

Extra Joy-cons mean more players. Game lovers are always enthusiastic about multi-tasking. Spare Joy-Cons will let you play four-player Mario Kart or ARMS at a moment’s notice. When it’s time to get off the sofa, these tiny, detachable controllers are small enough to take with you. Included with each Joy-Con is a wrist strap so you can flail away without worrying about your controller turning into a TV-shattering projectile.



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