Bomb Shipment to Israel Paused: White House Official Clarifies Decision

Bomb Shipment to Israel Paused: White House Official Clarifies

Bomb Shipment to Israel Paused: White House Official Clarifies Decision

An unnamed official from the White House has revealed that the United States suspended the delivery of bombs to Israel last week due to concerns about a potential ground operation in Rafah.

Last week, the Biden administration requested a temporary halt to a shipment of bombs to Israel, comprising 1,800 2,000lb (907kg) bombs and 1,700 500lb bombs.

Despite the unwavering support of President Joe Biden and the United States for Israel, White House officials explained that the pause was prompted by unresolved issues regarding the humanitarian needs of civilians in Rafah, located in southern Gaza.

According to BBC reports, the official stated that Israel has not adequately addressed the concerns of the United States regarding the situation of the people in Rafah.

Vanguard reported on Tuesday that Israel deployed tanks to Rafah to initiate a significant ground operation and seized strategic crossing areas, even as Hamas accepted ceasefire proposals brokered by Egypt.

Following Israeli forces’ seizure of the key Rafah crossing on the Egypt border, there were additional airstrikes in the Gaza Strip overnight.

The bombardment by Israel has been particularly intense around Rafah, with local medics reporting the deaths of seven members of a single family in one overnight strike.

Rafah has been a crucial entry point for aid and the sole exit for fleeing individuals since the commencement of the conflict between Israel and Hamas in October last year.

On Monday, the Israeli military instructed tens of thousands of civilians to evacuate eastern parts of Rafah city, anticipating a “limited” operation to eliminate Hamas fighters and dismantle infrastructure.

Meanwhile, efforts persist to secure a ceasefire and negotiate the release of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners. Delegations from Israel and Hamas are set to resume talks through mediators in Cairo.

“The US stance has consistently opposed a major ground operation in Rafah, given that over a million people are seeking shelter there with nowhere else to go,” stated the White House administration official.


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