Zelensky Targeted: Russia Adds Ukrainian Leader to ‘Wanted’ List

Zelensky Targeted: Russia Adds Ukrainian Leader to 'Wanted' List
Russia adds Zelensky to criminal 'wanted' list

Zelensky Targeted: Russia Adds Ukrainian Leader to ‘Wanted’ List

Russia’s recent addition of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to its list of wanted criminals has been met with dismissal and criticism from Kyiv, which views it as a reflection of Moscow’s desperation.

Zelensky’s name surfaced on the Russian interior ministry’s “wanted” list, an online repository of individuals sought by Russian authorities for alleged criminal activities. However, specific details regarding the charges against Zelensky were not provided.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry swiftly denounced the move, interpreting it as a manifestation of Russia’s faltering state machinery and propaganda. The decision was deemed an attempt to attract attention through baseless accusations.

This development is part of a broader pattern of hostility towards Zelensky by Moscow, particularly since the onset of Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine in February 2022. Zelensky himself has acknowledged multiple thwarted assassination attempts against him, illustrating the seriousness of the threats he faces.

Notably, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s public call for the Ukrainian army to overthrow Zelensky further underscores the adversarial relationship between the two leaders.

Russia’s practice of placing foreign politicians and public figures on its wanted list is not new. The database contains tens of thousands of entries. Zelensky is the latest addition alongside other Ukrainian figures like Oleksandr Pavliuk, Ukraine’s Land Forces commander, and former President Petro Poroshenko.

This move echoes previous instances, such as Moscow’s pursuit of Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas in February, ostensibly for her government’s decision to dismantle Soviet-era monuments, which Russia deemed as a “desecration of historical memory.”

In essence, Russia’s inclusion of Zelensky in its wanted list is perceived by Kyiv as another attempt to undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty and discredit its leadership. Such actions are likely to strain already tense relations between the two neighboring countries.


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