Hungary Protests: Thousands Challenge Orban in his Party’s Stronghold

Hungary Protests: Thousands Challenge Orban in His Party’s Stronghold

Thousands of Hungarian citizens voiced their discontent against nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban during a rally held on Sunday, just weeks before the European Parliament and local elections scheduled for early June. Peter Magyar, a former government insider perceived by some as the most significant challenge to Orban’s rule in years, organized the rally in the eastern town of Debrecen, known as a stronghold of the ruling Fidesz party. Despite Fidesz’s dominance in Debrecen since the late 1990s, the rally attracted approximately 10,000 attendees, indicating growing opposition sentiments.

In his address to the crowd of flag-waving supporters, Magyar targeted one of Orban’s key policies, criticizing Hungary’s meager child support allowances. He emphasized the stark contrast between Hungary’s policies and those of other European countries, asserting that the situation would be hard to believe elsewhere.

Contrary to Orban’s claims that Hungary allocates a significant portion of its economy to support families, Magyar argued for a comprehensive overhaul of the social support system, advocating for a more targeted approach based on social needs. He accused Hungary’s leadership of being controlled by a well-connected elite and pledged to end their influence if elected.

International watchdogs have raised concerns about Orban’s alleged misuse of European Union funds to solidify his grip on power by favoring businessmen affiliated with Fidesz. While Orban denies these accusations and asserts that Hungary’s level of corruption is comparable to other countries, the watchdog responsible for overseeing EU funds has highlighted its limited authority to uncover potential wrongdoing and has called for expanded powers to address these issues effectively.



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