Power: The Royal Dynasties of Africa


Dynasties are a series of rulers from the same family. The other terms or names for Dynasty may include clan or house. The longest-surviving family in the globe is the Yamato dynasty. Apart from the rest of the world’s dynasties, the African continent also had powerful families that reigned for a long period. This article will mention some of the African royal dynasties.

The Cisse Dynasty

The 1st recognized ruler and founder of the Cisse line was Kaya Maghan Cisse. Kaya Maghan was a Soninke ruler of the Wagadou. He established the Cisse Tounkara family, which later controlled the Kingdom of Ghana from the 8th century CE. The Cisse Dynasty is the 1st West African royal family to exert dominion over the Arab and Berber peoples.

Kilukeni Dynasty

It came into existence in 1380. The Kilukeni were participants or members of the House of Kilukeni, the Kongo Empire’s ruling family. The Dynasty originated from Lukeni Nimi, who was also the founder of the Kongo Empire. Lukeni Nimi reigned around the 1390s before the throne passed down to his cousins. According to oral traditions, Lukeni, son of Nimi, conquered different kingdoms such as the kingdom of Mwene. Besides, Lukeni Nimi conquered Mbanza Kongo and made his capital there.

Starting with the rule of Nkuwu a Ntinu, an offspring of Lukeni, the throne went down from father to son. The crown remained within the bloodline of the founder until 1567.

The Almoravid Dynasty

The Almoravid dynasty was a Berber-Muslim family in Morocco. It formed a kingdom in the 11th century. Abdallah ibn Yasin was its founder, and Marrakesh was the capital of Almoravid. The Dynasty came from the Lamtuna and the Gundula, the Saharan region’s nomadic Berber ethnic groups.

Under Yusef ibn Tashfin, the Almoravids went to the next stage or level and seized the southern region of Spain. Despite the great moves of the Dynasty, their reign was short. The Almoravids fell when they did not succeed to halt the Masmuda-led uprising which Ibn Tumart had initiated.

Sefuwa Dynasty

Sefuwa dynasty is also known as the Sayfawa dynasty or Sefouwa. It is the name of the Muslim rulers of the Kanem-Bornu Kingdom. The Kanembu established the Dynasty in the Tubu expansion. The Dynasty did not exert any dominion over a non-African group. However, it controlled the Saharan trade, which affected the Arab economic dominance over the Sahara regions.

The two most unique things about the Sefuwa royal family are that they were the longest-lasting Dynasty. Moreover, they progressed or advanced their power by taking advantage of the resources close to them.

The Barcids (Barca Dynasty)

The Barcid family was a family in Carthage’s old city, and many of its family members, such as Hannibal Barca, were foes of the Romans. The origin and legacy of this Dynasty commence with Hamilcar Barca, the father of Hannibal.

Changamire Dynasty

The Changamire dynasty was the greatest power in southern Africa from the 17th century to the 18th century. It is the African Dynasty that forced a European nation (Portuguese) out of the continent. The Changamires were the 1st ones to use the bull-horn formation before Shaka Zulu popularized it.

The royal line rose in 1660 under their founding father called Changamire Dombo. The Changamire family ruled the Rozvi Kingdom.


The 25th Dynasty of Egypt

The 25th family of Egypt was the last Dynasty of the 3rd Intermediate Age of Egypt that happened after the invasion of Nubians. The Dynasty was a line of kings or pharaohs who came from the Empire of Kush. It was during this Dynasty that the Nile Valley witnessed the 1st widespread construction of the pyramids. The Pharaohs from this Dynasty had the same goal as their founding father (king Piye), who seized Egypt in 744 BC.

King Taharqa, who was the son of King Piye, went on to put the Kushite family on the global stage.

Keita Dynasty

It ruled the Mali Empire and originated from Sundiata Keita of the Mandinka people. Sundiata Keita passed on the Keita name to a slave that he liberated, and this slave later became the ruler of Mali. His name was Mansa Sakura Keita. The most powerful of the Keita’s was Mansa Musa Keita.

The 18th Dynasty of Egypt

The 18th Dynasty of Egypt is the 1st family of the New Kingdom of Egypt. This Dynasty is also called the Thutmosid Dynasty for the four rulers called Thutmose. Most of the popular pharaohs were from this particular Dynasty. They include Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh, and Akhenaten.

Solomonic Dynasty

This Dynasty was a family of the Ethiopian Kingdom established in the 13th century. Its members claim ancestry from King Solomon and Queen Makeda. According to oral traditions, the Queen gave birth to Menelik the 1st after visiting King Solomon in the land of Jerusalem.


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