Floods in Sudan Destroy Homes and Kills Over 60 People


A flood is an overflow of a large quantity of water past its normal limits. There are many causes of floods. Some of the causes are due to heavy rains, overflowing rivers, broken dams, urban drainage basins, and tsunamis. Moreover, channels with steep sides and lack of vegetation also contribute significantly to flooding.

After a flood occurs in a particular region, it leaves very bad effects on that area. The immediate effects of flooding are deaths of people and animals, destruction to property and crops. Floods also contribute largely to the outbreak of waterborne diseases especially if there is poor sanitization.

Africa, especially the East African region, experience frequent cases of floods. Recently, there was a case in Sudan whereby floods occurred and killed dozens of people while many lost their homes.

The Floods in Sudan

Sudan is a state in the northern region of Africa. The country experiences cases of floods every year. This is because it has a bad infrastructure and lacks a good drainage system. The latest updates of floods in the country say that the recent flood has killed more than 50 people. It has also destroyed more than 14000 homes and over 650 cattle are dead. The Sudan News Agency reports that over 1500 gold miners are trapped in more than 1 mine.

According to the UN for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Sudan, the floods have damaged 14 schools. Besides, 1600 water sources are unsafe.

Areas That Experienced The Floods

The floods hit the states of Khartoum, the Blue Nile, and the River Nile. Severe damages occurred in Gezira, Gadarif, West Kordofan, and South Darfur.

What Happened in Bout?

Bout is a Blue Nile Province. A seasonal river burst its banks further affecting a region whereby the fall down of the Bout Dam had caused destruction. This happened late last month. Health experts say that with this trend of flooding, there is a likelihood of increased risk of water-borne diseases.

The authority says that there is a likelihood of heavier downpour in August and the next month.

Solutions Towards Controlling Floods

Governments in different countries have come up with effective measures to control flooding. This is because floods cause a lot of damage which forces the government to have an additional cost in its budget.

Some of these solutions are the introduction of better flood warning systems, and modification of homes to withstand floods. Moreover, people should construct houses above flood levels and plant vegetation strategically.

This is such a sad state of affairs in Sudan, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. The government of the country should come up with ways to help the citizens and mitigate the flood effects. Moreover, the authorities should formulate plans targeting the recovery of schools, agriculture, and settlement.

Sudan should cooperate with foreign countries to bring a quick recovery to the nation overall. Besides, the state should start considering other ways of preventing such a disaster from happening in the future.



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