UN Offers Relief Aid to Victims of Floods in Somalia

More than 270,000 people are affected by the ongoing floods in Somalia. The heavy rains have destroyed infrastructure leaving the situation in the country, sorry. Since the victims have fled their homes, they need immediate support to survive. That’s why the UN offers relief aid to victims of floods in Somalia is critical. Some of the relief provided is high-energy biscuits for mothers and children who are desperate. This is because they require no preparation, and will be helpful to the victims in dire need. The most affected part is the Beledweyne region of Central Somalia. According to a report, the floods may exceed what was there last year. Unfortunately, the situation is worse with the prediction of the emergence of Tropical Cyclone Kyarr over the weekend. It is expected to bring powerful winds to Puntland and Somaliland.

Delivering basic supplies

Prompt services and support are needed to save the situation. UN offers relief aid to victims of flood in Somalia amid hopelessness as the environment is destroyed. This means that no crop farming can take place. World Food Programme is working alongside the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Together they deliver necessary supplies to the victims. They provide potable water, sanitation, food, and health care to the victims. The national government is joining in the efforts to make the families safe during this crisis. UN has promised to provide support to the 4,000 households and the 24,000 beneficiaries.

President’s concerns

In the Beledweyne area, 270,000 victims are reported following the recent climate change. As a result, farms are affected negatively, as well as lives disrupted. It’s up to the national government to make up for this disastrous situation. Most of these beneficiaries praise the agencies saying they are of great help in their survival. They say that by now, their homes and their property are carried away. They fear that this year’s rains might exceed last year’s. Somalia’s president Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed expressed his concerns about the floods. He insists on the need for endless efforts to recover this climate change fast.  UN offers relief aid to victims of floods in Somalia when the government is deeply concerned about the situation.

Search and rescue operations

Deployment of helicopters in Somalia will help the search and rescue operations. In spite of the high operational demands, the UN is committed to assisting in the current sorry state of Somalia. The casualties need health care, and the displaced need shelter. UN has decided to bail out the victims from the ugly aftermath. Together with Somali federal, the situation will be hopefully solved. Somali recorded its worst floods last year, but this year, it’s expected to be worse. Thus, the national government has called on agencies and NGOs to support them in looking for solutions for this disaster. UN offers relief aid to victims of floods in Somalia in such a time when the country is lost for choice.

The Bottom Line

With the rise in floods, health is, of course, at stake. Outbreaks of malaria and cholera are common, and this is risky to the health of children. If donors and private agencies don’t step up, many will lose their lives. Now that the main hospital is out of question and sanitation is poor, immediate relief is needed.