Namibia Police Disperse Women Leading Gender-Based Violence Protest


Namibian citizens, especially the women, have had enough of being oppressed. Oppressed in matters about their rights as women and as Namibian nationals as well. For quite a while now, both young and mature women have been exposed to gender-based violence and homicide cases. Something they are not willing to keep up with anymore. As a result, significant strikes were launched on Saturday to help voice their concerns. It has come down to “no justice, no peace” chants from young women who make up the majority. The strike has been taken to the country’s capital city, Windhoek, and it is on the third day now.

Police ignorance of women protesting gender-based violence

Female homicide cases and gender-based violence cases as well have not been taken seriously in the country. According to the young activists’ demands, the authority is not taking into consideration women’s plights. As a result, the fiery young women matched to the government buildings for justice from the very people who should be protecting them.

The Power of social media

Apparently, the strike took off on the social media platform. Women from all over the country poured their hearts out on the injustices suppressed on them while the government is allegedly watching. The strike was actualized later in the coastal town of swakopund. It then spread to Otjiwarongo, situated in the north of Windhoek.

Their stated demands

First and foremost, the authority in charge of their welfare was broadly condemned. The minister of gender equality and child welfare is currently being requested to resign. However, according to the protesters, her religious stance holds her back from executing justice measures about gender-based violence. Additionally, special training was invited to the police units. This is to equip them with the necessary skills required to act on gender-based violence crimes. The crux of their demands settles on their President, Hage Geingob. They want the president to declare a state of emergency in gender-based violence and ongoing femicide.


A shocking 200 cases of gender-based violence crimes are reported to the police monthly in the country’s capital. However, according to the Namibian Police, the instances have much reduced to 175 cases per month. This is in owe of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown that was put in place to contain the spread of the virus.



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