Adopting New Technology for Economic Development in Africa

New technology is associated with personal computers, mobile phones and a few more gadgets that people can relate with. You might have an idea of what technology is but in real sense, do you really know what technology is? Personal computers and mobile phones are just but ‘amacrons’ in the technology world. What we do not know is that, technology is not just the few devices we use at home or at work. Technology is the use of scientific knowledge in the practical life situation. The use of fertilizers and certified seeds in crop production is a form of tech use. The use of biogas in place of other forms of fuel is also a form of technology that sustains a healthy ecosystem.


Importance of this Milestone to Africa

It is amazing how Africa, the second largest continent in the world has the least developed tech. We seem to be the ‘lost continent’ to the rest of the world. Africa has like a very high population comprised of brilliant minds. They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ its high time we put this to reality. Yes, in the past we might not have needed technology to carry out activities but the time has come for us to become advanced just like the rest of the world. We might not catch up as fast as we would wish to but isn’t it worth trying?

To most Africans technology is not that essential. It is not the major ‘pressing’ issue at hand. It is just but a secondary want, let alone a need. Despite the fact that it is not the most basic necessity, it is mandatory to the economic development and survival of Africa.

Adoption of new technology by African countries will be able to bring people together. This will make the world a ‘global village’ due to better communication. For those of us who want to send greetings to our friends and family, it will be much easier than having to travel miles away to do that. Imagine having a breakfast meeting with your work colleagues at the comfort of your living room or office. Personally, I think it is more ideal than having a manager travel all the way to a company’s branch for a meeting. New technology will mean reducing the distance in between. Doing away with the location barrier. This will make business transactions much faster and more effective.

Great Improvements That Come with New Technology

An advancement in technology will impact very positively to economic growth. Improved system of communication in Africa will lead to easy access to commodity markets. This will enhance better marketing channels. Improved communication will make it easier for farmers to communicate to their clients. This direct relationship between farmers and their clients will eliminate middlemen who have a major aim of speculation. Technology in relation to economic growth is like ‘bread and butter’, they are very complimentary. The point is this, the African economy can very well survive with the limited tech that it already has but it can do even better than just survive.

How Artificial Intelligence can possibly improve trade

The use of electronic commerce technologies in Africa will promote trade. Promotion of trade in Africa is bound to improve economic development. Looking at our trading habits and marketing strategies, Africa still has a lot to do to tap its optimal economic potential. We can do more to improve on the economic condition of Africa using better tech such as artificial intelligence. Max Tegmark states;

Everything we love about civilization is a product of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has its shortcomings but it also has its benefits

Some benefits that Africa can derive from adopting Artificial Intelligence are;

Artificial Intelligence has a reduced rate of error thus it will ensure competence in the calculation of market risks, future prices etc. which will reduce uncertainty in the future markets thus promote economic growth.

Artificial Intelligence cannot be affected by environmental conditions hence its more effective compared to humans.

Artificial Intelligence is able to predict and determine fraud in the system. This will make it difficult for fraudsters to conduct illegal activities without being noticed.

Artificial Intelligence is termed to the best ‘record keeper’ making relevant data available for analysis whenever needed.

Artificial Intelligence technology is able to make logical decisions with no interference of emotions unlike the human mind.


Advancement in technology is vital for the survival and economic growth of the African economy. Most of the time we tend to overlook the negative impact that poor tech has on the economic survival and growth of Africa. Most of us are okay with just living the ‘basic’ life not knowing how much harm we cause to the economy due to ignorance. Taking more responsibility of our continents economic needs will improve many living conditions. This means adopting new technology for a more effective, efficient and healthy economy.


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