Yes, Am A Feminist, Let’s Talk Gender Equality


Isn’t it amazing how women are now using their voices to fight for their rights in a society that is male dominated? It has really taken some stretch to convince men that women are also up to task. Besides their reproductive roles and taking care of their homes, women have revealed their capability of multitasking. And have since advocated for themselves to be given a chance to demonstrate their full potential in other areas like education and leadership. As a strong feminist, we can achieve equality together.

All the effort to achieve these changes for women have taken us to the road of feminism. A term that is universally used and also many have come to misunderstand it. It has led to disagreements and even political wrangles between women and men in addressing women’s rights.

What really is feminism?

According to the common dictionary, feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of sexes. In other words, it is regarding women and girls with the respect they deserve. And campaigning for equal rights and opportunities as those being tabled for men and boys in a given society. Now, many people slip-up this concept with the assumption that women want to be the same as men. Actually, feminism is far from stating such. As a matter of fact, feminism is more inclined to the aspect of promoting equity.

Equity explains that people are offered opportunities according to their level of need. And when it comes to women’s needs, we can all agree that women’s wants require to be addressed. Men have already been granted, if not all, most of this opportunities in life. Especially when it comes to education and leadership roles.

Empowering the female gender does not come with belittling the male gender. But most men feel threatened when it comes to women advocating for their rights. Given a chance to seat next to a man in a parliament setting does not necessarily mean that the power of the men has been stripped away from them. I would say it’s the ego and pride of men that makes them feel so. Feminist don’t allow that!

Feminist to men

All feminists would wish to let men know that they do not abhor them. How would you just start hating the father of your own children? They should also be aware that the growth of women will never at all be the downfall of a man. Even the holy book suggests that wives should respect and be submissive to their husbands. Last but not least, feminists do not emasculate the significance of men. As much as they advocate for women’s respect, they are not about to lessen the respect they accord to men.

Gender Equality

Gender equality or sexuality equality means a total balance of both sexes in all sphere of life. This goes down to countless number of things. For example, access to resources and opportunities, economic participation and decision making, personal needs. The women have lived a life of denial since the old ages and the trend has never changed. With the new era, we are highly favored as both men and women and all we need is to embrace gender equality at all times. It is a simple principle, respect women and women respect men.



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