How Technology has Changed Our Work and Life Balance


Technology has taken over the world with almost every single minute. Humans invented and developed technology to make life better. Today, the advanced development in technology has revolutionized the way of life, and humans cannot withstand it. The development of robots as a new human model. Surprisingly, these robots can do almost all human activities. Technicians are into inserting blood and emotions into the robots, and soon enough, these machines will take over the world!

The society has welcomed the changes technology has come with. From ways of interaction between individuals, the way we do business, communication means. Technology is in the food, education, business, offices, hotels, cars, traveling, shopping marketing, phones, and banks and in the air. It is evident that technology rules the world and has reduced humans to its slave in a kind of view. Work and life balance have changed, both positively and negatively.

When you wake up in the morning, what first comes in your mind? For example, how to make more money, how to start a business, how to market your products online, and many more! You will grab your phone and start good writers in Kenya, South Africa, or Canada. These are but an example of connections we could not have had without technology.

5 Evidence that technology had changed our lives in good and bad ways

#1. Excellent ways of communication

Back in the day’s people used to rely on traditional means of communication to pass information. For example, sending greeting cards, money orders, personal letters, and other old means of communication were the order of the day. These could take up to 10 days to receive the message. Today, thanks to technology, you can use your mobile, computer, and internet and use video conferencing tools, for example, zoom and communicate effortlessly with anyone around the world. You can use Skype for business meetings or chat with your friends and family. Also, you can use WhatsApp or Facebook for chats and business purposes.

Technology has made communication, sending money better and comfortable on the go. With email, you can send money from your mobile phone with one click to anyone around the world!

#2. Technology has changed education

Technology has revolutionized education with a big wave of changes. It has changed the ways of education and learning methods. In the past, we were not able to get data, information, and knowledge quickly and with flexibility. Students had to move long distances to acquire education away from home. This was somehow a difficult way of learning for the small kids.

Nevertheless, today, because of the development in technology, schools have constructed websites for easy enrollment, access to learning materials online. Someone can easily attain degrees online learning with the internet and computer. There are various online courses one can take all over the world at the comfort of your home and attain degrees or certificates with a successful completion.

In the near recent with the proper development of machine learning, robots and machines will start teaching and training people.

#3. Development of new habit and digital addiction

Today people have developed new habits and addictions that have come as a result of technology. This has made parenting a challenging job for the current millennial, and it is tough for a parent sometimes. Most teens are addicted to the internet and computer games. For them, the world would not be a better home without technology. In ordinary off school days, kids would prefer staying alone in his room all day long playing games. This can be an acceptable form of entertainment, but how about things that bring creativity and brain development in kids?

The same thing in adults, the internet, and mobile phone addiction is something that will always consume the youths. Though it is a good thing as it brings connections, make doing business much more comfortable, there is much addiction that the internet and mobile phones have on the human that cannot be separated.

#4. Changes in human lifestyle

Technology has changed our way of living in a big way –both positively and negatively. Today, we live more good looks and appearance before people and what people will say about me in public. The point of getting noticed even if it means risking your life in taking selfies in risky areas to go viral and so on. Today we prefer doing online shopping than walking and picking goods in the malls with the benefit of vast online venders and different price comparison tools.

Technology has the internet of things that everyone can use in everyday life. We are busy on the internet, and this has dramatically reduced our productivity. In the past, we used to have time for our friends and families where you meet and enjoy life together.

Today, things are not the same. We tend to reunite with a friend on social media but with emotions and hate, which never existed.

#5. Changes in human health

The development of technology is a savior of health matters. The development of machines that can be used in the hospitals and equipment that supports human life during critical conditions is a plus for technology. Additionally, more healthcare facilities are operating online, which offer guidance and counseling to people. It has increased the pace of life; however, on the other side, the quality of life is reduced.

In the past, people had fewer electric machines doing work at home and fieldwork. People had had excellent physical body health and overall quality health. However, with today’s fast foods sold at the counters, quality tastes they have, the foods are not 100% good for health, and that is why we have a weak immune system that cannot fight debases.


Technology is a good thing. The world would be a terrible place without the advancements in development changes that technology has come with. While we appreciate the steps we have made, we should not lose our minds in the process and be slaves of the internet and the computers. The human brain must come. First, we only need to be smart and knowledgeable enough to beat technology.



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