This Gabonese Basketball Star is Inspiring Players


Meet a dedicated star in basketball bringing a breath of fresh air to upcoming athletes. Born in Gabon 25 years ago, Blevie Meyia Lucchesi coaches players for free. She is giving back to her country of origin, Gabon, as she now resides in France. Blevie first played basketball when she was 6 years old and has never looked back. Her love for the game began when a friend suggested that she needed to try out the game. Sure enough, Blevie tried and ever since then, she has adored the game. Before she started playing the game, Blevie would get bored since she had no friends in France. Upon learning basketball, she became free and learnt how to communicate with other people well. This Gabonese basketball star is inspiring players.

How does Blevie play?

Blevie Meyia Lucchessi is not a new face in the Gabon basketball scene. She’s a star player and you will find her playing in the Gabon’s National team. Today, this star has started coaching and mentoring camps for the young athletes in Libreville, Gabon’s capital. Through such platforms, she can reach the gifted players who need a little fine tuning to do great in the pitch. Despite living far away from home, this player always ensures her projects start off at home. So, Gabon is always her first priority. They say charity begins at home, right? Through the spirit of giving back, this Gabonese basketball star is inspiring players.

The progress of her skills

This star always played for the France teams throughout her teenage years. However, later in life after securing a scholarship at Bridgeport school in Connecticut, she could play for the US. While there she pursued bachelors in international business alongside acting as an assistant coach. Blevvie always wanted to hone her playing skills as well as train those who loved the game but lacked the opportunity to practice. That’s why during her summer holidays, she is very busy training and mentoring young champions who love the game.

The not for profit organization

Blevvie’s dream is to inspire players to play basketball as it should. In that line, she has chosen the path of giving back to Gabon. She started the Belle Vie Foundation. Through this podium, Blevvie is able to select the best players who are then connected to play outside Gabon. It’s also an excellent platform to teach the players what’s required of them in the international realm. Because information is power, this Gabonese basketball star is inspiring players. Teaching the players the games when they are in the foundation is easy because they cater all their needs for. This makes Blevvie happy since she’s in the path of making basketball a popular game in Gabon.

Blevvie’s hopes and aspirations

In as much as efforts are made to grow the game, much needs to be done. Collaboration of the basketball associations, the government and not for profits foundations is paramount in streamlining the game. When all come together, they improve basketball. On top of that, players can compete with their neighbor countries healthily. Additionally, Blevvie is happy that children and women admire her and look up to her. She dreams of them being great someday. No wonder she is planning to get the Gabon’s women’s basketball team to the Olympics. True to her word, this Gabonese basketball star is inspiring players.