Face Masks Which Athletes May Use While Exercising


Exercising is an important thing for the human body. This is because, through exercising, one can secrete wastes through the pores in the form of sweat. Before the coronavirus pandemic struck the earth, exercising in facilities was easier and fun. Many athletes and sports games were doing good. Then the coronavirus started in China and spread all over the world. This forced many businesses to close including training facilities such as gyms.

The World Health Organization gave some directives to help curb the spread of the virus. Wearing a face mask was among WHO’s directives. It is what most health authorities are advising people around the globe to do to help control the spread. Later on, some of these facilities reopened because the global economy was declining at a faster rate.

Training facilities were among the first ones to reopen. The training would not be as normal as it was then because authorities instructed the facilities to follow the health guidelines. There was a discussion on whether one should put on a face mask while exercising. This is because wearing a face mask prevents the ease of breathing properly while exercising.


The Views Of Suzanne Lukovics. 

She is a physical therapy director at Austin, Texas-based Georgetown Living Home Health. Suzanne advocates for wearing face masks.

She advises:

“To protect others in case you are a carrier, wearing masks in public should be followed based on public health needs. Whether you are exercising or not.”

Lukovics says that despite the difficulty of exercising in face masks, it is wise to wear one for protection. She says that the bodies will get used to with time and people will seem to be less breathless while training in masks. The physical therapy director opts for cotton masks because they absorb moisture.

The most important thing she pointed out is the washing of the masks after use if one sweats a lot at regular times.

There are also fitness brands that came in handy to create masks that athletes may be comfortable in while exercising.

Made to Move Mask

The Athleta brand created this mask in collaboration with the Emergency Design Collective and medical experts in San Francisco. They have a changeable, flexible strap and a thermoplastic Elastomer tech to fit the face mask at the nose more comfortably that a strip of metal.


Under Armour Sports Mask

This mask comprises great materials. It includes polyurethane open-cell foam and UA’s Iso-Chill cloth which maintains a cool condition while wearing it.

Adidas Face Covers

These face masks are comfortable, reusable, and easy to wash. They come in packs of 3 and different sizes.

Hanes Wicking Cotton Masks

These face masks have more than 1 layer and a moisture-wicking cloth. The brand is giving away over 990,000 face masks.

Face Covers

They are soft and have 2 layers.

Onzie Mindful Masks

This brand has used Full Flex Spandex tech for a flexible, comfortable, and high functioning linings and bands.

American Eagle Reusable Face Mask

AE masks have an anti-microbial treatment that aid to stop the development of bacteria when the face masks get damp while exercising.

So Fine Designs Mask

It has a cotton fabric, and its design reminds its users they are good runners.


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