Americans See More Merits in Wearing Masks Other than Not


The coronavirus is an unseen enemy that is battling everyone around the world. Doctors and authorities around the world are trying to save as many lives as possible. Firstly, and the most direct way they are urging people is through wearing of face masks while in public. However, the United States strongly opposed the wearing of masks before realizing how vital it was for them.

Health officials advised people not to wear masks. The question is if no one puts masks and everyone contracts the virus and dies, how will the reopening of the economy be of importance. Moreover, if education authorities want to reopen schools and all children have the virus, will it be worth it. I believe it is wrong to fail to wear masks especially if governments want to save lives. Will they save dead lives?

President Donald Trump was among those at the forefront in supporting people not to wear masks. Early this year, Dr. Jerome Adams, the US Surgeon General urged the people not to wear mask. This idea was false because the same people who were against the wearing of masks finally support wearing of masks.

Reasons Health Experts Changed their Decision

The World Health Organization finally agreed to the public in wearing face masks to stop the spread of the virus. This is after the health doctors and scientists carried various researches and had more knowledge on the spread of the virus. They discovered that the public can spread the virus just by only talking.

The virus is very contagious and without restrictive measures, a human being with the disease can infect more than 2 people. There are those people who also spread the disease and they do not have any signs or symptoms. The coronavirus has a long period of incubation. Researchers did some studies and found that if over 90% of Americans wear mask, they could prevent over 30000 fatalities by October.

Why Officials Warned People Against Wearing Masks Before

In March, the World Health Organization warned healthy people against wearing masks in public. Instead, they should leave them for the ones who are sick of the virus.

States Having Mask Obligations 

After the health officials changed their minds on the idea of wearing masks, they urged states to provide masks for its people. Over 24 states have face mask mandates. Besides, there are countries such as Germany that have mask mandate countrywide.

Question On Whether Mask Mandate Help

Researchers say that states which are implementing the face mask obligations can prevent thousands of cases occurring. Death rates would drop by over 30000 to 146047 if a higher percentage of citizens would wear masks.


Question On Civil Freedom

Experts tell Americans that wearing a mask doesn’t lessen their freedom. The thing that wearing a mask does is to increase one’s freedom as they may not contract the virus or spread it thus controlling the COVID-19.

Question On Whether to Stop Taking Other Measures When Wearing Masks

People should continue with WHO’s directives and not stop. The act of social distancing and washing hands is vital. This is because these measures help control the spread of the coronavirus.


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