Coronavirus Disease Updates in Kenya


COVID-19 has affected many territories across the globe. However, countries like Kenya have been putting in efforts to control the cases which keep increasing daily. The government of Kenya imposed various restrictions which have equally negatively impacted the economy. Some of the containment measures include lockdown and dusk to dawn curfew.

The stringent measures have promoted an economic crisis in the country, leaving many stuck in poverty. Cases of unemployment have increased as many lost their jobs amid the closure. Generally, the coronavirus pandemic has left many families vulnerable to hunger, homelessness, and diseases.

Despite the rampant increase in corona infections and death cases, Kenya has also recorded recoveries. As of now, the total cases of COVID-19 in Kenya are 10294 and 553 recoveries.

Kenya records the highest death toll in a day

On July 12th, Kenya confirmed 189 new corona cases from the 1205 samples they tested. Mutahi Kagwe, the health minister, stated that the results were highest recorded ever in a day. Currently, the total cases in the country are 10294. It also confirmed that about 12 people succumbed to the virus on the same day, hence total death toll rose to 197.

Moreover, a source stated that 15 nurses from a maternity hospital contracted corona. Whereas, a medical officer died from the virus. As Kenya mourned the death of Doreen Adisa, the medic, the government assured the health officers’ safety. They promised to facilitate them with adequate protective equipment.

Tourism Industry reopens

Due to the pandemic, the tourism industry in Kenya took to shrewd governing measures to shore the industry. On Thursday, Najib Balala, the minister of tourism announced they were reducing the entry fees because of the impacts they incurred from the corona.

The reductions would apply to residents and international tourists. Tourism is among the industries which form the backbone of the Kenyan economy. As such the minister urged the lodges to use the rent holiday to improve their services.

Kenya marks 100 days after the first case

The health minister announced that Kenya had reached 100 days since the first corona of to date, the virus had attacked about 40 counties in the country. Out of the 100 days, they have tested a total of 140012 samples.

According to the COVID-19 curve, the health minister urged citizens to embark on personal safety. He said the virus wasn’t halting anytime soon, hence the people should learn to live with it. The minister also assured people that they would still intervene to ensure safety.

“Our systems are now much better, but we are still learning. COVID-19 has badly impacted our economy including loss of jobs. But the government has made much effort to contain it. By next week each county will have at least 300 isolation bed capacity.”


He added: “COVID-19 has affected our mental health. Measures such as stay home, keeping social distancing including isolation has caused a lot of anxiety. But we have seen change especially in behavior such as increased hand hygiene.”

Burial guidelines relaxed

The health minister announced they were laying off the strict guideline measures for corona victims. They were suspending the 48-hour burial ceremony for the bereaved.

Patrick Amoth, the director-general of a hospital stated that if the bodies of corona victims are handled properly, there is less chance the virus will spread. As a result, he said there was no need for hasty burial.



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