Tourist tests positive for coronavirus eight days after return from Bali: Chinese authorities

Scanning electron micrograph of Escherichia coli

Reports from authorities in Anhui, China, have alleged a tourist, of Chinese nationality to test positive for coronavirus. That’s after his visit to Bali. Word has it that the lad had passed through Wuhan, known as the epicenter of the novel virus on his encounter. Upon his arrival from Bali by Garuda Indonesia’s flight to Shanghai, it took 8days, after which authorities acquainted with his health. This information aired via Weibo on 6th February. Indonesian authorities have been vigilant enough to provide clarity to the alleged condition since adequate certainty is mandatory before being quarantined.

They confirmed the man by the name Jin positive with the virus in the Huainan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Wuhan is the predominant founder of coronavirus with a high percentage of victims. The virus came to be due to the wuhanians way of life; their meals, contact with live animal markets, etc. Research shows that the virus sprouted in the animals’ bodies.


Meanwhile, the Weibo post further alarmed the persons who shared the flight with Jin to engage in precaution measures. We consider jin they have contacted a health risk for between him and the other passengers. Therefore, there is still uncertainty about those who might have been infected. The passengers have also been cautioned that in case of any corona symptoms i.e., fever, coughs, sneezing, they should seek medical attention. This is because since the disease is airborne, chances are a single victim can cause an epidemic.


The passengers pledged to remain indoors for some time. Such is to minimize contact with the public hence enhancing the safety of the people. They also encouraged them were also to use medical masks even as they visited hospitals and avoid using public means. These concerns are to control the virus, which has declared a global emergency. Besides, countries around the globe are bracing their efforts to curb the threat.

The health ministry urges people to observe proper hygiene and sanitation. They are to make a habit of disinfecting their hands and the surfaces they come in contact with since the pathogens are easily transmittable. They should also desist raw meat and make a tendency of having medical masks on to be safe from contaminated air.  

Garuda Indonesia spokesman stated he had no clues to the allegations as he had received no such reports. He affirmed to assess the rumors while the lion air spokesman and the director of the health ministry and disease control backed his desire.

The Post’s verification

The Post authenticated the information on the patient following thorough confirmation. A Chinese nationality informed by the Anhui administration sourced it. Their source referred them to the Weibo post and page for

“Epidemic situation, public transportation epidemic inquiry”.

The Post further affirmed with the help of two journalists from respected media in china that they were legit and official. Her Chinese informant also translated the Weibo post to English, making it more understandable. While the Post organized with another Chinese journalist to further interpret it to Indonesia.



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