Kenya Confirms a Case of Coronavirus.

Kenya Confirms A Case Of Corona Virus.
Kenya Confirms A Case Of Corona Virus.

The African continent was free from the spread of coronavirus, but unfortunately, cases of COVID19 are there. About 18 countries in Africa are victims of the deadly virus which emerged from China. One of them being Kenya.

They include countries of Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Togo, Algeria, Cameroon, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria. Countries of Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Gabon have cases confirmed in them.

The world’s death toll stands at 5000 while the cases of infections at 132000. Methods of rapid test and quarantine are suitable in helping to control the spread of the illness. In Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populous state, the mayor of Addis Ababa advises people to avoid close contact with one another.

However, the health minister says there are no plans of canceling and suspending slights from other countries. Most heard are from people who traveled abroad and foreigners from the affected countries.

The Ethiopian case is of an old Japanese citizen who arrived in Ethiopia in the first week of March. In Guinea, it is of employees of the EU delegation.


Mauritius doesn’t have any recorded cases yet, while in Burundi about 30 people are in isolation at a hotel. Rwanda confirmed a case and several social gatherings banned while they put measures on.

The government encourages washbasins and soap to be available beside streets and people to use them before boarding vehicles.

A case from Sudan is about a man who died in the capital city and was from the United Arab Emirates.

Kenya Records A First Case Of Covid19.

Mutahi Kagwe, the health minister in Kenya, says the case is from a 27 yr old victim who diagnosed positively on 12th March this year.She traveled to Kenya through the London early this month. The trace team is tracing everyone was in close contact with the victim, including the passengers in her flight to the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced several measures of containing the disease. Only Kenyan citizens will be back in the country with self-quarantine for 30 days. Anyone who came back in the country within the last 2 weeks must self isolate himself. Learning in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions will continue after some time.


Employees from the government and private sectors should allow them to work from home.

Kenyans should use online transactions to buy commodities, and that the cost of the transaction should be down significantly.

The president also encourages people to avoid congested areas such as churches to prevent the spread of the disease. Shopping malls should give hand sanitizers and ensure the facilities are clean and free from germs.

Shop owners and supermarkets should not hike prices and exploit citizens since agencies are vigilant in such cases. Despite the dark moment in Kenya, the president assures the citizens that the government is in control of the situation. People should continue with their normal duties and avoid actions that will expose them to contracting the disease.



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