Coronavirus is Likely to Affect Over One Million International Students


According to Immigration and Customs Office in the US, the International students could be forced to migrate back to their countries. This is because, amid the pandemic, learning has become a challenge as the coronavirus is highly contagious.

Coronavirus and Education in the United States

The Institute of International Education in America states the move could affect over one million international students in the country.

Ivy Link institutions like Harvard and Princeton have decided to commence a part of their teachings through online platforms.

As a result, even the students studying from the campuses will be forced to shift to e-learning. According to data from Hopkins University, coronavirus cases in the US have tremendously increased. Over 2 million people have so far tested positive.

Where do most of these scholars come from

Majority of the scholars across the globe prefer studying in the United States. This is due to the reliable and informative teaching technique. Some students get the opportunity through scholarships while others are wealthy enough to afford it. Approximately, there are one million international students in the US. The highest percentage of these students come from China and India. I.e. 52%.

369548 students are from China, which forms the majority while 202014 from Asia. The other students come from South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, and Mexico.

The third state of origin is South Korea with about 52K, followed by Saudi Arabia with 37K, and Canada comes fifth with 27K. However, the tenth state in Mexico with a total of 15K. Scholars from Saudi Arabia appear to seek higher learning in the US because of political instability. There has never been a peaceful environment for studies in the middle east.

Others like Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and Brazil have 24K,23K,18K, and 16K respectively.

Reduction in the admission of International students

IIE data shows that from 2016 to 2018, there was a slight decrease in admission. It was at the time of the Presidential election when Trump was seeking votes.

However, International students are a big economic opportunity for the US. Their tuition fees and academic and accommodation fees are all paid for from overseas. The host institutions act as a source of income esp. since many scholars always want to study abroad.

Nevertheless, since America has set strict policies and numerous legislations, this could discourage prospective students.

Most of the international scholars stay in New York City as its closest to the University of Columbia and New York.

Relative Increase

Statistics reveal that over the past 70 years, the number of international students in America has increased. The numbers have increased since 1948 to 2019 despite slight plunges. While European nations are common destinations for American students studying overseas, few overseas students come from Europe.

Out of the 341751 Americans studying overseas, 12% are in the UK,11% in Italy,10% in Spain and 5% in France. However, only 8% of international students study in America out of the 51 European nations.



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