US Urges the AU to Respond to Ethiopia Conflicts


Ethiopia conflicts have off late been on the rise. The conflicts resonate back in November 2020 in the Tigray region. The Tigray people`s Liberation Front (TPLF) decided to retaliate, following a move by the Ethiopian military attacking them. The TPLF and the Ethiopian government haven’t been on good terms ever since Abiy Ahmed, the Prime Minister, took power. The prevailing conflicts have matched on to date. The situation continues to worsen, with rising inter-ethnic conflicts now dominating the country. As a result, the US has sought the African Union to reach out to Ethiopia conflicts to help address the matter. This is due to the waging effects of inhumanity due to the war reported in the region.

The US calls for help

Following the Amnesty report, the US is deeply concerned with the war tome region of Tigray. Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state, confirms that an American diplomat saw a humanitarian crisis worsening in Ethiopia. He thus calls for international aid from the AU and other agencies like the UN to respond to the crisis.

Ethiopia`s response to the US

As much as foreign countries are willing to chip in to resolve Ethiopia’s conflicts, she might not be responsive. The foreign ministry, in fact, confirms the act by the US as meddling into their internal affairs. The ministry further illustrates that it will remain accountable for any security measures concerning the country. Any other actions that the state requires to do to uphold the rule of law will be followed to the latter.

Effects of Ethiopia conflicts on the citizens

Following a report from Amnesty International, hundreds of people lost their lives within a 24-hour period. All in the hands of the Eritrean forces who attacked people in the Tigray region. An allegation that the Eritrean nation is strongly rejecting. The Ethiopian human rights commission report also confirms the killings from Eritrean forces. Nonetheless, Eritrea remains adamant about the accusations.

Apart from the killings, there have been other serious cases of crimes against humanity. There have been reported sexual slavery and assault cases among women, rape cases, massacres, and more gender-based violence crimes. Netizens have sought refuge in neighboring countries like Sudan.

Way forward

Blinken appreciates the efforts from the Ethiopian officials to address the matter. He further suggests the conflict groups that is the Eritrean forces and the Amhara group, should immediately be withdrawn from the country. Moreover, there should be a permit to help get aid to the Tigray region without any hindrances. Additionally, there should be the cessation of hostilities by all parties involved in the conflict.



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