Min-Liang Tan Builds Coronavirus Pandemic-Proof Business

Min-Liang Tan Builds a Pandemic-Proof Business

Coronavirus and Pandemic-Proof Business

At the moment, many people are at home following the Coronavirus outbreak. A large number of companies are not operating, and that has left many jobless. Staying at home can be annoying, especially if you have nothing to keep you busy. However, the internet has saved us from this boredom. Many are browsing, gaming as well as socializing with friends while at lockdown.

For instance, Min-Liang Tan, the co-founder and CEO of Razer, is here to ensure you do not get bored while at your home. With Razer, gaming does not end, especially when most people are indoors. Mr Tan got prepared as early as last month when the government announced COVID-19 containment measures.

Notably, he encouraged people to stay at home and play. Min-Liang did this week before the virus reached world pandemic levels. Furthermore, he inspired the printing of posters saying stay home and game on.

Game comfortably at home with Razer

Do not get bored at home, reach out to Razer gaming company and enjoy unlimited games. Razer is among the few companies managing to thrive despite interruption of the business background. The company was founded back in 2005, with Robert Krakoff assistance and up to date, it is still growing. Tan says he has noted a significant increase in the number of people gaming online. He also told CNBC that gamers stay at home and play games.

Razer Company features a triple-headed snake badge as well as an iconic variety of chroma-coloured hardware. At the moment, the company has a lot of fans. Some of them even tattoo Tan’s face on their bodies. It shows how loyal fans can be whenever they get excellent gaming services. According to the Razer CEO, the gaming business is flourishing as people are stuck indoors. Besides, the community is looking for new ways to stay entertained.

Dream for the future

Tan says he has a broader vision for the gaming business. He is prepared to maximize the role by shaping the entertainment industry every day.

Before the pandemic, Tan’s Company invested heavily in new media. Razer acquired George Lucas, an associate of THX audio company. It also advocated for the aggressive gaming industry, E-sports.

Additionally, Tan says that they have been pushing the entire narrative of entertainment experience to deliver the best. He also says that the Coronavirus outbreak has accelerated his five –year arrangement to a shorter timeline. Right now, everyone is stuck at home and looking forward to how to be productive or entertained.


According to reports, it is not only Razer Company enjoying the benefit. For instance, Verizon, Telecom giant reports a seventy-five per cent raise in video game usage since the outbreak. As at 22nd March they recorded more than 1.2 billion mobile games download.

App Annie says it was the biggest week ever for downloads. Tan feels that the company has an ethical duty to help the government fight the outbreak. Furthermore, Razer gaming company is to donate around one million face masks across the globe.



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