US Air Strike In Somalia Killed Civilians.

US Air Strike In Somalia Killed Civilians.
US Air Strike In Somalia Killed Civilians.

The Americans have been in Somalia since the year 2007 till this present day. This is because of the wars experienced in the region.

Since Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, was in power, the number of airstrikes has increased. The airstrikes targeted the Islamic people. They base a drone known as MQ-9 Reaper in Somalia.

In the year 2007, the United States performed 3 air raids and killed 21 people inclusive of 2 civilians.

In 2008, in March and May, they launched missiles to the Somali land and Aden Hashi Ayro, an al Shabab leader, died.

United States Helicopter Raid

On 2009 September 14th, the United States commandos conducted a helicopter raid near Barawa, killing Saleh Ali. In 2011 it carried about 9 airstrikes out killing fighters of the armed group.

A year later a United States drone targeted a car carrying a commander, and they killed seven militants in that attack.

It has launched airstrikes from the year 2013 till this present day in the land of Somalia, and they affect many people, including civilians. The United States says that it is trying to create an atmosphere of tranquility in the area.

Current United States Air Strike.

It performed the current update of the US strike in Southern Somalia, which killed various civilians. Washington is responsible for the air raid that took place and the family members affected and officials say that the US killed innocent people.

The United States claims that it killed 5 terrorists, but that is not the case since reports say that they were victims. The civilians were traveling in a minibus, and they were going to the capital.

Abdullahi Ali’s Narration And Civilians Who Died In The Attack.

Abdirahim is one person affected since his father was the victim. He says his father was old that he could not even walk, and he was not an Al-Shabab member.

“The Americans are lying. They killed my elderly father. He is 70 years old and can barely move. He can’t walk without the help of a walking stick. He is not Al-Shabab,” Abdullahi says.

He thinks the United States acts like it is above the law since they are always right, even if they made a terrible mistake.

Ali says that the Americans would have waited at the victims’ destination if they suspected and believed that they were the Al-Shabab.

Mahad Dhore Confirms The Story Concerning The Attack

Mahad is one of the MPS in the region. He confirms that the people who were the victims were civilians. The MP says that the United States is not straightforward about the issue at hand.

The civilians in the region are the most affected since they get punished by the armed group. The United States is also being unfair by issuing air raids on them.



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