The surge in Global COVID-19 Infections Amid Vaccine Shortage


The rate at which COVID-19 infections have been escalating is quite alarming. On Wednesday, the Global coronavirus tally confirmed that the cases had surpassed the hundred million mark. However, the situation has proven difficult for most countries that are trying to obtain the vaccines. Although restriction measures have been put in place, the new variant of the virus is highly infectious, and the only thing that can maybe stop it is the vaccines.

Surging Infections

Almost 1.3% of the total global population have contracted the virus, with about 2. 3 million confirmed dead. The novel virus has therefore caused tremendous harm, not only to economies but people at large. Since the start of the year, reports reveal that on average, every 7.7 seconds, a person contracts the virus. About 668250 people test positive for the virus every daily. Currently, the global fatality rate is at 2.15%.

The most impacted countries, United States, India, Brazil, Russia, and United Kingdom, form a massive part of the global COVID-19 cases. Recently UK went on lockdown after confirming an outbreak of the new COVID-19 variant. It is quite unfortunate that the rate at which the virus is escalating is worrying. More so, as it took the world eleven months to confirm the previous 50 million corona cases. Yet now it is only taken three months, and the cases are at 100 million.


Immunization Campaigns

Meanwhile, vaccination campaigns have already kicked off in most countries, with the European and American countries administering the vaccines. In total, fifty-six countries have so far started immunization. And Israel is leading on per capita vaccinations. At least 29% of its population has received the first dose.

Most Impacted Countries

The United States is among the states with the highest number of covid-19 infections. It has recorded 25 million coronavirus cases, which are equivalent to 25% of all the coronavirus cases. The majority of the daily COVID-19 infections come from the United States. The death tolls are also exceedingly high. The US has reported almost twice as many deaths as Brazil, which has the world wide’s second-highest covid death tolls.

Likewise, Europe is also recording a high number of infections. I.e., every four days, the country is reporting a million COVID-19 cases. It’s just four days, and the continent has confirmed about 30 million since the onset of the pandemic. On Tuesday, Britain hit 100000 deaths. Countries in Eastern Europe like Russia, Poland, and Ukraine contribute about 10% of global COVID-19 cases.

Unfortunately, European countries are recording escalations in the infections despite pre-ordering the vaccines in advance. They blame the situation on delayed shipments from both Pfizer Inc and AstraZeneca Plc.

Asian and some African countries have also confirmed exceedingly high numbers, with almost 13700 infections reported each day. Africa’s most impacted state in South Africa. It has confirmed over 1.3 million cases and is in urgent need of vaccines. South Africa expects to receive vaccines from India between this month and next month.

Meanwhile, India, which is also a populous country in Asia, has recorded many infections. However, it has already begun vaccination campaigns. It has already inoculated over one million people within its first week of starting the campaigns.



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