Dubai COVID-19 Cases Surge; Effects on Health and Entertainment


Dubai COVID-19 cases have taken a different turn following a serious upsurge in the virus. According to the health ministry of Dubai, the lessening of restrictions is working negatively. The opening of airlines has had a profound effect, especially in the tourism industry. Visitors from across the world craving for a different environment due to lockdowns have sought luxury Dubai. This much explains the cause of the increase in Corona Virus cases from the hotels and entertainment industry. As a result, the ministry of health gave new guidelines to close down hotels and restaurant businesses. Non-essential surgery services are as well will take a break as directed by the health ministry.

Current COVID-19 Statistics

Compared to the years before lifting the lockdown measures and now, the curve is going higher. This denotes that the upsurge is mostly coming from outside. As of now, the total number of Coronavirus cases in the UAE is now 267,258. The number of deaths is at 766. July 2020 marks the time UAE reduced the lockdown measures on its borders. From that time, the covid cases have just been increases.

From a rough figure of around 25,000 reported infections to the current 267,000 cases over the time. As of Wednesday, there were 3,506 covid cases. The highest record from the Arab Gulf. The other UAE states records were below 500 cases. As a result, the UAE has been seen as a threat to other countries. In fact, Britain has canceled any travelers from accessing the country due to the surge.

Tourism and Covid-19 in Dubai

As the airlines were reopening, Dubai embraced the tourism industry with its Visitors. Of course, lockdown measures were put in place. And the few months following the lifting of the lockdown, it was mandatory for every visitor to adhere to Covid rules. Masks and regularly sanitizing is mandatory to every visitor in the UAE states. According to the entertainer’s point of view, things haven’t been the same with Corona around. But they still appreciate that it is better than nothing.

Vaccination Campaigns

The alarming Covid cases have caught the attention of the Dubai authorities.  The Gulf state is at the forefront of the Vaccination campaign to help vaccinate at most 50% of its 9 million citizens. An Agenda that Dubai hopes to achieve before the end of March 2021. In so doing, attempts have been made to China at the Sinapharm`s China National Pharmaceutical Group. Dubai is also looking forward to getting the Vaccines produced by Pfizer and BioNTec.



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