The Coronavirus Challenges the Muslims Faith Amid Ramadan


Muslims celebrate Ramadan in the 9th month of the Muslim calendar. Millions of Muslims fast during this period from early morning until dusk. The fast involves avoiding drinking, eating, and sexual activities. Leaders encourage various forms of worship such as prayer and reading the book of the Holy Quran.

During this period, the Muslims arise very early in the morning to eat Suhoor, and later in the day, they break their fast with iftar. The Muslim leaders conduct Tarawih, the nightly prayers, in their places of prayer right after the iftar.

This year’s Ramadan festive season will not be the same as the others. This is because of the coronavirus pandemic that has caused many nations to take precautions against the virus to contains its spread. Some of the active measures will hindermost of the normal activities during Ramadan such as they are coming together in mosques to share food and love.

According to Okaz, Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh told them to conduct their prayers at home since the coronavirus takes on the globe.

Ramadan’s dates yearly changes depending on the Gregorian calendar. Muslims approximate the starting period of the sacred event. This year the Ramadan starts today on Friday the 24th in many Muslim-inhabited countries.

Depending on when they see the new moon, lunar months may go for 29 or even 30 days. The Eid al-Fitr event indicates the end month when they all rejoice a prosperous Ramadan of fasting.

Most of the Muslims expect the end of the Ramadan if the Eid moon appears on May 22nd. If it appears the 1st day of Eid al-Fitr will be on the 23rd. Failure to that, fasting will be for 30 days and Eid al-Fitr will be on May 24th.

Why are Muslims fasting during this Ramadan?

Muslims consider the act of fasting as one of the major pillars (5) of Islam religion. In their holy book, it recommends the act of fasting for all Muslims that are mature and in good health condition to fast for a day.

Therefore, the Muslims fast to be in a greater connection with Allah and also to be more loving to others. Besides, Muslims believe that by fasting, their level of patience will increase and they will more courage to avoid sinful acts.

Saudi Verifies Spotting The Moon Marking The Start Of Ramadan

Many Muslims around the globe will begin fasting today. The coronavirus affects the two most holy places in the Islam religion. These holy places are known as Kabah in Makkah and the Mosque of the Prophet in Madinah.

The Muslim leaders announced that the Muslims will hold Tarawih in closed homes and the number of prayer units will be only 10. Iftar sessions are not in both Harams but the Muslim distributors will share the baskets in Makkah and Madinah. Leaders have postponed Umrah and I’tikaf amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus has disrupted most of the religious activities of the Islam religion. However, most of the Muslims have strong faith in such a time and they are trying their best to make this Ramadan a success.



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