Cases revealing the harassment of Indians Muslims in New Delhi

Cases revealing the harassment of Indians Muslims in New Delhi
Cases revealing the harassment of Indians Muslims in New Delhi

Indians Muslims and the Dark Episodes in New Delhi

Mistreat of Indians Muslims open a new dark episode in New Delhi history. It happened on 24th February in India’s capital city, where Hindu nationalists targeted Muslim residence and businesses. All of this unrest started after sit-ins in opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act. Before this, the anti-CAA objections were peaceful.

People used to come together to sing nationalistic songs, listen to dialogues on secularism, freedom, and solidarity, but now everything is different. The protesters are now acknowledged as traitors making them significant targets.  In this attack, over fifty people killed, and hundreds injured. The most affected area is Shiv Vihar, where they destroyed a lot of property. Here are the cases showing how Indian Muslims have been humiliated:

Discriminative campaigns

The New Delhi assembly election Campaigns took part on seventh February, where the BJP ran nasty crusades. As per the reports, their primary target was the city’s Muslims.  The junior economics Minister Anurag Thakur incites the crowd to shout, “Execute the traitors.” Besides, Minister Parvesh Verma promised that the protesters would be “sent packing” within hours of the BJP conquest.  He also added that if they are left unrestricted, they will rape and kill.

The home affairs minister Amit Shah accompanied by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, says that the protestors are pro-Pakistan as well as India challengers. Mr. Modi says that what is going on with the Protestants is total conspiracy aligned to destabilize India’s harmony. The prime Minister also claims that protesters raised Jinnah Wali azaadi motto to disintegrate India.

The nationalists expected violence, and when it took place, the protestors were attacked. Many lost their lives, as others managed to escape with injuries. New Delhi authorities did less not to relieve the tension, and the police are facing severe accusations because of turning their backs from the suffering citizens.

Destruction of property

Muslim houses, as well as businesses, were burned down, and the remaining property looted. The neighborhood is full of remains of the burned property.  As per the reporters, Cars, TV sets, and fridge remains are all over the place. It is total suppression to the Muslims. Notably, the Hindu shops and homes looked intact, and that shows how far they were willing to harass their fellow citizens.

Demolished a local mosque

The Hindu nationalist mob did not settle for less as they went further and destroyed a local mosque. Think about it, your homes, worship places, and shops demolished; it’s disgusting. The Indian Muslims end up with no option but to seek support and safety from government relief camps.


Its common sense, treat others the same way you would like. Take care of each other, no matter the challenges we face. Violence comes with a lot of disadvantages, especially nations’ downfall. If inevitable happens, killings and harassing the people we think are responsible won’t redeem a country. Instead, you should stay strong enough to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Besides, separation is the main pathway to destruction.



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