The Big Myth about Wealth


There exists equality in the world due to the free market. There is a political debate now about the haves and the have-nots. The big corporations and the working poor. However, can we say that this is a big myth? 

Ability and the big Myth

The idea of ability seems to be lost in the process of over-simplifying things. Maybe the approach to the deal with wealth is all wrong. So, does wealth inequality exists? Lawmakers are advocating for policies that redistribute wealth by increasing taxes on successful individuals to support the less fortunate. This is all rubbish.

When such policies are made, the lawmakers assume that wealth is static, which isn’t the case. Wealth is often exclusive; individuals will make money, lose it, and make it again. Cash is not locked in an absolute desert, only to be freed through an economic storm. Redistributing wealth doesn’t help solve the inequality that exists by making different people rich. Equal wealth doesn’t make different people wealthy. What equal wealth does at its best is to make everyone poor, just like bringing a snowman indoors. It’s lame!

The big question is, what then can we revolutionize? Maybe the focus should be the equality of ability. Everyone have got the ability and capable of success. One’s talent and attitude will be the driver to success. The journey is not comfortable, and the destination not guaranteed but possible to achieve.

Biblical Story

The story of David and Goliath can best describe and send a message to all folks that everything is possible. David emerged victorious because he believed and the equality of ability gave him the chance to fight Goliath.

Throughout history, it is clear that there aren’t the haves and the have-nots when it comes to ability. So, everyone is capable of success and wealth, and getting a book, audio, attending seminars to get encouraged about wealth isn’t shooting your brother on the butt. Carry on your are capable.




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