Ways Emotionally Ignorant Entrepreneurs Incapacitate Their Company


Every business person envisages the success and cohesiveness of team members when starting. However, the dream does not materialize for entrepreneurs who cannot provide the needed emotional support to team members (Company). Emotionally supporting your team members is vital as far as discipline, patience, and motivation to succeed are concerned. This article will discuss how entrepreneurs incapacitate their company by being emotionally ignorant.

As Entrepreneurs, Ignore the emotional climate of the team

We are all humans, and at some point, we will express our emotions in one way or another. Therefore, when you ignore or humiliate a team member while emotionally showing himself/herself, you send a strong message that whatever they feel is insignificant and wrong. That particular member will not feel if he/she belongs to the team and will undercut his/her ability to perform.


Supporting your team and acknowledging their efforts is in handy to the success of any entrepreneur. Besides, it would be best if you cultivated the culture of listening to all your team members. Those who feel that you are not listening to their opinion will not be willing to work for you. You should find a way of balancing things out.


Make team members your friends.


Once a leader, dedicate your time and know much more than you ought to have known. Leadership roles come with some significant tasks to complete. Please do not make a mistake of overwhelming your team members with your worries and concerns, whether personal or business-related. When an entrepreneur does this, he/she finds him/herself in a mess. The team members will lose their respect you and treat you like their equal. This is the beginning of failure.

To lead your team members, you need boundaries of authority. These boundaries are lost once you are too friendly with your team members. You need to show your team that you are healthy and capable of dealing with stress that accompanies leadership and emerge the other side victorious. Be real, manage your emotions wisely, and never burden team members with your feelings. You will genuinely emerge the winner in any situation that this role displays to you.

Putting team members down

Just as our body parts function, so is the team. It would help if you treated your team members in an equal manner. The team will be divided when you give more attention to some of the members than others. The likelihood of the less given attention individuals to bad-talk is high. This creates a weak climate fear and anxiety, which slows down the performance of the company.

In as much as emotions help us grow when used correctly, some emotions should be suppressed and never let outburst. Envy is a strong emotion whose intention is to destroy. While in that leadership position, do not cultivate envy among team members. This can lead to the destruction of the team.


There are three key features you have to know to be a successful entrepreneur. First, you must know who you are, your goals, and how to deal with people. Know when you take action and when to give some slack. Publicly reward members who do well, give room for failure, and watch the members get up more robust and better. Climbing to the top isn’t easy, and nobody has said it would be easy for you! You should always be there for your team in awkward moments, and merry together is quality times.



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