5 Amazing Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

Different organizations aim to foster women’s business in Africa. For instance, the Nigerian based social Enterprise known as “She Leads Africa”. It aims at the provision of support to female startups. They do this by giving knowledge and networks. As a result, business in Africa is doing well.

Consequently, this organization provides strong financial support to women in business. She Leads Africa is under Afua Osei, the founder. Recently, they launched a competition by the name business pitch competition. It is through this competition that ten young Africa women entrepreneurs were shortlisted. Here are 5 amazing women entrepreneurs in Africa.

Winifred Selby of Ghana

She is a Ghanaian citizen and the founder of Afrocentric Bamboo limited. Her company makes bicycles made of local bamboo and brings them to the market. She, therefore, received an award for that in 2014. Winifred is a business guru in Africa who is very hardworking. Besides, she works tirelessly to prosper in her business.

Oyindamola Honey Ogundenyi

Honey is a Nigerian national. She is the founder of Fashipa.com. Her e-commerce website deals with selling of international fashions. On top of that, the company deals with lifestyle brands as well as Nigerian locals. Her business is doing so well that you can’t help but admire.

Nour Driss of Morroco

This businesswoman owns a company in Morocco by the name ‘Loue 1 Voiture’. This is an online business platform that deals with the hiring of cars and taxis. Through her company, clients can reserve cars from car hire companies. In addition to that, she makes convenient transport for her customers. Nour is indeed an expert businesswoman.

Banke Kuku of Nigeria

She owns a textile company in Nigeria. It serves a big number of customers and clients from all corners of Nigeria. She founded her company in 2011 after years of being a textile designer. Kuku blends western culture with traditional African culture in her textile production. Eventually, she comes up with unique fashion design. Her luxurious framework and materials for fashion industries in Nigeria have brought economic growth. Indeed, she’s a fantastic fashion designer.

Elizabeth Kperrun of Nigeria

She is the founder of Lizzie’s Creation, a company in Nigeria. Elizabeth’s company deals with the development of web and mobile applications. These applications are aimed at the development of children’s and women’s education. Content from these applications fosters the education sector within the continent. This consequently betters the welfare of children and women. Elizabeth’s investments give a count to any Africa entrepreneurs competition done at any given time. So, her business is the go-to for matters education.

Young women entrepreneurs show up every moment in life in Africa. As a result,  there’s continued effort to cast out poverty. It is this effort in life that leads to economic progress in Africa. So, the article about 5 amazing women entrepreneurs in Africa is a good read.


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