Top 5 Must-Watch Movies for Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs constantly need inspiration and motivation to keep the fire inside them burning. Most, if not all, find books to be a superb source that can fuel that fire. However, movies can be the next big thing, especially when you need a brain break. 

Movies can offer a lot of creativity and, stimulate your mind whenever you feel burnt out. Picking the right movie will expand your thinking ability and add to what you have already known as an entrepreneur.

This article offers five must-watch movies for every entrepreneur ranging from experts to starting individuals. They are full of ideas worth chewing on as you relax on your comfy leather seat.


The parasite is based on a story of two families in a synergic relationship. It displays one a poverty-stricken family, the Kim’s, who use tricks to place themselves on the surface of the park. They use their wiles to replace workers in a wealthy household who have unknowingly been accommodating strangers in the basement for years.

The parasite is fiction about economic equality displaying a strong message; “Money does not make you immune to misery.” As an entrepreneur, you can learn one or two things based on this movie parasite.

Up in the Air

Entrepreneurs are individuals who keep on finding ways to improve. If you need a movie that you will relax with and at the sometimes learn to listen to your employees before making big decisions, then Up in the Air is a perfect choice. 

It is a story of Ryan Bingham. Ryan travels the world for his job, which had something to laying off individuals at other companies. However, the company is looking for ways to reduce the travel expenditure, then comes a new employee with a solution to the problems the company faces. Natalie Keener, the new employee has plans to remodel the business by the use of technology.

Fighting with My Family

Fighting with My Family is based on a true story. Paige Bevis, daughter of a working-class family, runs a hardscrabble wrestling league in England. The family wishes to send Paige and her brother to wrestle with WWE in the United States. The movie offers something beyond entertainment. It stresses the importance of hard work, teamwork, and forgiveness. These are just some of the virtues needed by an entrepreneur to scale up the ladder of success.

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman plays the life of a 19th-century entrepreneur, P.T. Barnum. Barnum laid hands on everything from running a museum to publishing a newspaper. Hugh Jackman plays his part, and he is portrayed as a determined soul who does whatever it takes to achieve his dreams. The movie ends when he reaches success with the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Hidden Figures

If you are looking for a story about women’s empowerment, then Hidden Figures are the best you can get. The movie stresses the importance of inclusivity. Hidden Figures tell a story about three African American women. The women worked as mathematicians at NASA’s Langley Research Center. The movie portrays their fight against discrimination in the US that was still intense in the 1960s.



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