Suspected Boko Haram Fighters Attacks Village in Borno State


For, many years the African continent has experienced terrorist attacks from armed groups. From bombing buildings and killing people to local terrorism of livestock. Countries whose community’s rear livestock as a means of livelihood such as Kenya, experience cases of livestock theft. Recently, there has been a massacre case in the state of Nigeria as attackers steal thousands of the residents’ cattle.


Attacks in Felo Village

On Tuesday, a suspected armed group attacked and killed over 80 residents in Felo village in Gubio district. Reports from Ahmed Idris say that the attackers attacked the residents using automobiles and ran over their bodies resulting in instant death. Further reports also say that some people ran away and are still missing in the village.

“As people were running, the attackers followed them with their cars and motorcycles and drove over them, resulting in these deaths. A lot of people are saying that several other people are missing in that community.”

The community leader says that the attackers attacked the residents while they were herding cattle in the field. They were defenseless, and the fighters attacked them off guard like the guerilla war style during the time of independence in Kenya.

” The gunmen who surrounded our people attacked them. It is an open field with nowhere to hide. They could not escape. They could not outrun the vehicles.”

Reports From Residents In Felo Village

Some residents say the fighters attacked the village in the name of revenge. A local defense unit had killed some members of an armed group earlier. This unit has to safeguard the residents and surrounding communities from attacks and theft of livestock.

The Cattle Raid And The View Of State Governor

Malam Bunu, leader of the local unit, says that the attackers took over 1000 cattle during the attack. He further says that the armed group returned on early Wednesday to kill some of the residents who had escaped from the bloody scene. A herdsman was one of those who lost their lives that Wednesday. Malam says that the killers burnt their whole village and left it up in flames and smoke.

Babagana Zulum, the state governor, termed the act as barbaric and inhumane as he visited the surviving members of that community. Reports from the governor of a state that the group kidnapped over 5 members of the community. His administration suspects either the Boko Haram group or the ISWAP since their attacks are infamous in that region.

Attack In Katsina State

On the same day, an armed group attacked a village in Borno State, Katsina state was also a victim of an attack. According to reports, over 150 fighters on motorbikes butchered over 15 innocent lives that tried resisting their robbery. The incident took place in Kadisau village. So far, no armed group has admitted the attack.

Last month, the United Nations said that extreme violence has forced over 20000 IDPs to the Niger state. The peacekeeping force of the United Nations is trying to solve the violence cases as they find a way of enforcing permanent peace in these regions.




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