Kenya: Kimunya, Mbadi Leads MPs in `Jerusalema` Dance Challenge


The adage; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, has taken root in Kenya’s national assembly. This was in respect to the ongoing Jerusalema challenge that has brought thrills to the world. The song is currently trending among staff in different industries across the world. From the police departments to casual workers in different forms of entrepreneurship. Many might perceive this as an advert endeavor for different companies. However, this might just serve as a way for employees and employers to bond and further create a favorable working environment as a whole. The national assembly does not fall short of these descriptions. And certainly, their work scope needs a little bit of steam cooled off. Those long hours spent in parliament, require some stretching.


The song was sung by south African Nationals Master KG` featuring Nomcebo Zikode. It is currently at 188 million views on Youtube. The lyrics of the song explain how the singer wants the Almighty to take her to a heavenly place. The song premiered last year and has proved to be quite a charm to the world as it still trends on to 2020. And it might just get on to 2021, people haven’t had enough of it yet.

The song has lightened up the world amidst the coronavirus novel. Presidents and priests across the planet have extended their regards to the song and even endorsed it as the sound for the prevailing pandemic. This is in regard to president Cyril Ramaphosa who endorsed the song as they were re-opening to ease up the corona lockdown.

The members’ assembly dance challenge

What better way to enforce the movement on diversity for distress than being an example to the people? As a result, the national assembly majority and minority leaders Amos Kimunya and John Mbadi were at the forefront to lead in the dance for Jerusalema song. The members of parliament aligned themselves into two straight lines parallel to each other along the corridors of the national assembly.

The two leaders danced their way through the members as the Jerusalema song was on play. It was such a hilarious moment to witness the two leaders dance to the tune on which they spent two days rehearsing. And they did not disappoint. It has been quite a journey getting on board the MPs to participate in the challenge.




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