Suicide Attack Kills Five and Leaves 14 Wounded in Somali Capital


Back in 1991, the president of Somalia at the time was overthrown. Since then, Somalia has been plunged into chaos, and years later, the war is continuing, followed by the rise of the Al-Shabab. The Al-Shabab once controlled parts of Somalia, even in the Somali capital. But in the year 2011, security forces drove the group out of the capital. However, some militants continue to wage war against the Somali government, and they attack even targets in Mogadishu regularly.

The U.S Withdraw Troops from Somalia

The country on the Horn of Africa has faced three decades of chaos that has ripped the country apart. Warlords and Al-Shabab and Islamic State groups linked to the Al-Shabab have been at the forefront of Somalia’s chaos. Due to the attacks carried out by this group, at one point, even diplomats and staffers of the U.S Embassy in Somalia had to flee for safety.

The actions of the jihadists made the United States volunteer in bringing peace back to the country. To date, the United States has remained extensively involved in Somalia’s future. This year the state even began to find its footing after many years of struggling. The U.S Embassy returned to Somalia just last year after 28 long years proving the country was getting better. But this year, the Trump administration withdrew the several hundred U.S military troops in Somalia. After the withdrawal of the troops, Somalia has seen numerous attacks all across the country. Some Somalians believe that because the U.S troops left, the Al-Shabab have increased their attacks since they know the Somali national army is weak and they can easily overrun them.

Attacks Rise after Withdrawal of Troops

So far, the Al-Shabab has carried out a series of attacks in Somalia, with the most recent ones taking place late last year. Last year December, the militants ended the year by blowing up restaurants. The militants sent in a suicide bomber during one attack where he detonated explosives strapped on himself. The bomber went after an eating place near a police station and caused the demise of six innocent souls. A while after, the militants claimed liability for a different bombing executed by a suicide bomber. The bomber activated his explosives outside a mosque in the Somalian port city of Kismayo. At least six people died from the incident, and 20 suffered form injury’s from the explosion.

Al-Shabab attack Workers in a Road Project again in Somali Capital

With the new year being ushered in, it seems the Al-Shabab are relentless in their mission to establish their own government in Somalia. They assert that their government will be founded on their stern understanding of Islam’s sharia law. This week the terror group sent in yet another suicide bomber into the Somali capital to carry out an attack. The group targeted the employees of a Turkish company that took the lead in the construction f the Mogadishu-Afgoye road.

Security forces at the scene disclosed that the suicide attacker carried out the attack using a motorcycle. They added that the attack took place just a few miles away from a Turkish military base. The bombing near the area killed five people and wounded 14 people. The five that died included two Turkish nationals working on the road and three other Somali police officers.

The Al-Shabab have attacked the Turkish military and other targets in the past. This was, in fact, the second time they attacked the road project in Mogadishu. In January last year, the group filled a vehicle with explosives and detonated it at the project’s entrance. The attack killed dozens of people, including several Turkish citizens. The project paused for a while after the attack, which later on recommenced after they improved on security. The Al-Shabab declared responsibility for the hit in a post they made.



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