Best business opportunities for a campus student in 2020

Best business opportunities for a campus student in 2020
business opportunities for a campus student

Starting your own business is a great way to earn some extra cash at campus. Sometimes you get so broke that you need even the smallest amount of cash to survive. We are therefore presenting to you the best business opportunities for a campus student in 2020. These businesses require low in-put yet they are profitable in nature.

How to come up with a business idea

1. Identify a gap. Look for what people want. Conduct some research and find a common problem that people want to be solved. Think about working on the solution.

2. Think of your skills and how you can apply them in different fields. Knowing your skills can help you come up with business ideas.

3. Think of what you love doing most. Begin working on that.

Business Ideas for you in 2020

Start a photocopy shop

Starting a photocopy shop is one of the best business ideas you can think of as a student. Photocopy tasks are mandatory in any learning institution and so owning a photocopy shop is a great idea.

Start a movie shop

Students rarely stay in campus without watching movies. Starting a movie shop is a great idea, especially  if you happen to find a place where many students reside.

Make use of social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other sites can make you grow big. Advertise products for brands on these sites. Who knows? You may be lucky to meet your dream company which may have an interest in your brand. Think about it.

Be a reseller

Find out what you can get at a cheaper price and resell it. Or better still, you can sell your textbooks for previous semester and earn money from that. You can look out for second hand clothes and sell to fellow students at campus. It is a good business and you will never regret.

Start a fruit vending business

Fruit vending business  is very common in campus. It doesn’t require much capital to start yet it has higher returns. Students in campus consume a lot of fresh juice and fresh fruits as well. It is a highly recommended business still in 2020. Make it happen through venturing in fruit vending business today!

Own a cyber cafe

Cyber cafe is very essential for students in campus. If you haven’t tried this one, you are missing out! We are in a digital world and in campus, lecturers and students are constantly doing research and all they need is a stable internet.

How many students are assigned class tasks in a day? Do you think the available cyber cafes within campus can serve them all? The answer is no! Cyber cafes within campuses are usually overcrowded by students. This tells you that there is still a huge gap in this business and you can finally make a move!

Online writing services

Writing can earn you some income while at school. Think of the topics you may want to write about. This should go with your interests because writing about what you love is simply amazing.

Create accounts with online writing websites like upwork, fiverr, kenyawriters and many more. These sites are very friendly and you only need to follow simple steps to create an account. Having an account means you can start working right away.

Start a cake business

If you are good at baking cakes, go for it. The good thing about this business is that it has a ready market. Many students hold birthday parties in and outside school. This makes this business a profitable venture.


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