President Museveni: “We Can’t Beg People To Live. We Have a Team Ready To Bury You”


President Yoweri Museveni has strongly conveyed his frustration at Ugandans who are losing sight of the COVID-19 battle. In Uganda, a total of 161 COVID-19 recoveries have so far been registered without death. Yesterday, 14 new cases of COVID-19 were verified by the health ministry. This comes before the government and health ministry realized the recent positive tests were negative after all. This caused many Ugandans to doubt Uganda’s COVID-19 status since yesterday. The explanation was that the medical personnel were tired. 

Furthermore, Mr. Museveni says the medical workers are few, judging from the fact that some have contracted the virus after direct exposure. Also, they were carrying out massive testing at the same time, thus were bound to make mistakes. Now Ugandans think that maybe, all the tests that turned out to be positive were negative and hence, no COVID-19 in Uganda. But on record, Uganda does have Coronavirus cases. 

Following a heavy and prolonged lockdown, cherry-topped with a tight curfew, Ugandans have lost their patience. Many have lost their jobs, transport costs have been doubled and several companies are not paying their employees for no work done, despite government directives. People have to pay all the necessary bills not talking about sleeping on empty stomachs. More so, the relief plan reached but a few. As angry as the government is, so are the citizens seated on a time bomb ready to do anything to survive.

Museveni Tells Off Careless and Stubborn Ugandans

“If you want to die of COVID-19, we have a team of people ready to bury you,” Museveni tells careless Ugandans.

At State House Entebbe on Thursday, yesterday, Museveni uncovered his disappointment while giving his speech on the 2020/2021 National Budget. He said that Ugandans had been too hesitant to adopt the COVID-19 pandemic prevention strategies.

“Ugandans are hard people to believe without seeing. I always see people in Kampala moving in big groups with no masks. On Heroes day, I told you what I thought. If you are disappointed that we don’t have any dead bodies like the other countries, wait! You will see them if you don’t listen. You will find, we have teams of people putting on white, burying people as you have seen in other countries,” he said.

Museveni said by now, if the Ugandans were concerned, they would be the wariest people to see that COVID-19 doesn’t kill anyone.

“Soon, I am going to order security officers to stop forcing you to put on face masks, and the Government shouldn’t deploy security officers to enforce such a directive. Certainly, we cannot go on begging people to live, this is not how we run the country. You cannot be telling mature people that there is a danger to the extent of deploying police! Why should we deploy police? Police shouldn’t be on your neck, yet you know COVID-19 is killing people in other countries,” he said.



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