False Alarm!! The Death of the Mother of the late President of Burundi is Fake News


In Burundi, since this Tuesday, after the death of President Pierre Nkurunziza, fake and unverified news has spread like wildfire about the death of the late President of Burundi’s mother. A segment with a Photoshop screenshot was taken and research shows headlines about the mother of the late president of Burundi, Domitilie Minani dead of coronavirus, which is now one of the top five fake news. Many, Kenya, Rwanda, and DRC news outlets reported the mother of the late president dead.

The late President’s wife is ill and came back for her husband’s burial on Tuesday from Aga Khan Hospital, where she was receiving treatment for Coronavirus in Nairobi, Kenya. As if the trouble is not enough, the sister of the late president is also severely ill with the same Coronavirus. So it is difficult to conclude that the late Burundian President did not die of the virus.

Three reliable sources verified the details of the mother’s whereabouts; one from each family, the other from senior government officials, and the last source was from the security services.

Burundi Debunked News

The late President, Pierre Nkurunziza’s mother, Domitilie Minani, is not dead of Coronavirus. She is healthy and alive. This strikes the family at the time his wife and sister are in ICU. Catastrophe, grief, and anxiety have affected the late President Pierre Nkurunziza’s family, who was declared dead on Tuesday evening. The Burundian government reported after an official investigation, the ex-president died of a heart attack. While other reports have it, he might have died of Coronavirus or poisoning.

Late President of Burundi and wife

There have also been fake reports of the current President-elect, Evariste Ndayishimiye, being infected with coronavirus and ill. He is well and has attended several official meetings lately.

The virus continues to devastate the world, East Africa, and the world’s top politicians. But, the media reported that Burundi’s speaker had contracted the virus too. Publications on Twitter that Mr. Pascal Nyabenda, President of Parliament, has coronavirus are incorrect. At least 5 sources confirmed the information that he is very healthy and has organized several meetings this Wednesday during the mourning season. Earlier this morning, the Burundian media shared an image of him at the Ntare House signing in the book of condolences.



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