Hong Kong Appeared to Have the Coronavirus Under control. Then it let its Guard Down.

Hong Kong Appeared to Have the Coronavirus Under control. Then it let its Guard Down.
Hong Kong

Despite being a country in middle east Asia, Hong Kong appeared to have control over the novel virus. Recording a relatively low number of infected persons despite the infection spreading across the mainland. The country of 7.5 million people only recorded 150 cases of coronavirus.

The country resorted to early precautionary measures amid the spread of the virus in China. Social distancing, sanitizing of hands, wearing masks and other protective clothing are among the measures they embrace. Similarly, the entire world is doing the same.

Letting their guard down.

Over the past weeks, the number of reported cases has doubled from the previous ones. Many of the Hong Kong residents arrived from overseas. Some had gone to look for work, studies and safety purposes. However, their return to Hong Kong has contributed to the spread of the virus. The Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam stated on Monday that they will ban all non-residents from the territory. She termed it as an extra precautionary measure.

The countries in East Asia; China, Singapore, Taiwan are coming up with new measures to curb the virus. Introducing new restrictions as new cases seem to crest. Compared to western cities, Asian countries appear to be living in the future. Europe and America have adopted most of the measures initially adopted in the Asian metropolis. However, it could mean a long haul as cases of self-quarantine and social distance continue.

Everything slowly getting back to normal before the unseen pandemic.

After several weeks of working from home, everything seemed normal. On March second, 180000 civil servants resumed for work. Making the streets flooded with people once more. Social gatherings picked up; people attending weddings, dinners and even visiting parks. However, most of the people had their masks on during these events. The number of corona cases was low until 16th march when importers started arriving in the country. They were coming from overseas. Quarantine measures weren’t effective, hence they confirmed multiple cases.

“The first wave was the worries of transmissions from the mainland (China), so we have put in a lot of measures. The second wave was the local transmissions, with those clusters arising from dinners and other things. Now we are facing the third wave,” said Lam.

The Draconian measures enacted to control the virus spread.

Since then, the country is desperately trying to control the virus from spreading. They have put Draconian measures in place. There is electronic tagging for immigrants. The government expects them to self-quarantine for 14 days. Failure to which one will face criminal prosecution. On weekends the police patrol at night in search of those abhorring the rule. During such patrols, they have at least arrested five people.

As of Monday, they expect all civil servants and private businesses conducted from home once more. Top government health officials recommended a comprehensive closure to control the new wave of infections. The authorities will have to provide financial help to those affected.

From Wednesday they bar all flights transiting through Hong Kong. For new arrivals, they will undergo testing. Most of the bars and restaurants will be on lockdown until further notice.