Natural Resources: 2020’s Overshoot Day Came Abnormally This Year


As God was creating this Earth, he was very considerate and concerned about the survival of human beings. He placed natural resources on the planet and gave them the ability to replenish when they deplete. A natural resource is what humans can use and originates from the natural surroundings. Examples of these resources are air, wood, oil, wind, and others. However, the Supreme gave an order in which humanity was to take care of the resources and use them wisely. There are 2 types of natural resources: renewable and non-renewable resources.

Depletion of Natural Resources

The issue of depleting natural resources has been of great concern for many years. The United Nations encourages countries to take necessary measures to sustain their natural resources. Depleting the Earth’s resources means that there is no hope for future generations and may degrade the environment.

Natural Resources Management

This refers to the control of natural resources such as water, soil plants, and land with a focus on how management impacts life’s quality.

What is Earth Overshoot Day?

EOD is the computed calendar date on which people’s resource use for the year surpasses Earth’s ability to refill those resources that year. Overshoot signifies the level in which the world’s number overshoots the natural amount of resources on the planet. Economically, EOD signifies the day in which people enter environmental insufficiency.

The Global Footprint Network calculates the Earth Overshoot Day. Non-profit organizations back up the campaign. Data concerning the Global Footprint Network’s computations are available online. This year the EOD came on August 22nd.


The Global Footprint Network’s Calculations and Estimations

The Global Footprint Network is a self-governing think tank based in the US, Belgium, and Switzerland. Mathis Wackernagel and Susan Burns founded the American NGO whose headquarters are in California in 2003. The international think tank improves and advances tools for promoting sustainability, inclusive of the bio-capacity. The goal of the Global Footprint Network is to establish a future where people can live comfortably within the Earth’s means. The NGO brings together over 65 partner associations.

According to the GFN, it would take 1.6 Earths to sustain the needs of the globe’s humanity in a balanced way. The Global Footprint Network has been raising concerns on the quicker use of an increasing population on Earth. According to their data, the EOD has been falling earlier every single year.

In 1970 it fell on December 29th, 1980 on November 4th, 1990 it fell on October 11th, in 2000 it was on September 23rd. A decade later it fell on August 7th. Last year, the EOD came late in July. However, this year has deviated from the normal way in which the EOD falls.

Reason 2020’s EOD has been Abnormal

Experts say that this year has been weird because of the coronavirus pandemic. It has lessened the speed of human activities. This is after several industrial enterprises closed down and laid off large numbers of workers. The head of the Global Footprint Network claims that the pandemic is one of the indicators of ecological inequity.


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