Leadership: Kaou Djim Released After an Inappropriate Arrest


Leadership is the skill of an individual to guide other people, teams, or organizations in the right way. A leader should have compassion and understanding of the people he leads. He ought to listen to peoples’ problems and help them improve the quality of their life. In Africa and some parts of the world, we see some state leaders emulating the right qualities of a leader. However, some are not imitating the right characteristics of a good leader.

Most of these problems in Africa are due to a lack of proper leadership. The people elect their leaders in hope of a better future but when they are in power, they forget. They involve themselves in federal crimes such as corruption and mismanagement of natural resources. A country like DRC is rich in mineral resources but due to lack of good leaders, the country is one of the poorest in the world.

Mali is also a victim of bad leadership. Its citizens are violently protesting against their president demanding reforms in the country. One of the protest leaders explains to us the state of Mali leadership.

Security Forces Arrest A Mali Protest Leader

During the Mali demonstrations, authorities arrested one of the protest leaders called Djim and later set him free. The leader says that the arrest was not appropriate and termed it as a killing attempt and abduction. Kaou says that the forces put him in a dirty washroom for more than a day with no food, water, and contact.

Kaou Djim narrates:

“The security forces did not arrest me. They kidnapped me. You see, they came to my place at 11:00 p.m., banged on the door, and hid as part of the family. They entered, they dragged me out of my living room and took me away. So, for more than 1 day I slept in an unsanitary washroom with no food and no contact. So, for me, it was an assassination attempt.”

Protests against the President

The recent non-peaceful demonstrations were against the head of state. The forces tried to calm the tension and the 3 day-unrest among the citizens in the county’s capital. However, despite the efforts of the security forces in calming the situation, demonstrators ended up clashing with them. The president is facing multiple demonstrations in his country. The result of a delayed parliamentary opinion poll is the trigger of these waves of demonstrations.

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita is 75 years old and has been in power for almost a decade.

The Rally on Friday

The rally on 10th July 2020 started peacefully by demanding Keita to give up the office. However, afterward, the demonstrations turned out to be non-peaceful. Protesters blocked bridges and driveways, flooded at the state broadcaster, and stormed the National Assembly premises.

According to reports, more than 10 people are dead as hundreds of them succumbing to injuries. I believe if leaders do their work well, there would be a great understanding between the people and the government. More so, the country will progress much faster.



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