Man Arrested For Stealing Placenta


Man arrested for stealing the placenta in spite of the dread made from the episode of Coronavirus. In Nigeria, an ailment that has drawn men, ladies, and kids to their producer. He has still discovered a spot for underhanded in his heart as he was caught with a child’s placenta. The 43-year-old visa agent, Joshua Abraham is said to have allegedly stolen a placenta of a newborn baby. The suspect was arrested after the baby’s grandmother, made a report at Ibafo police station.

Man arrested for stealing placenta was under false pretense

The incident was confirmed by the Ogun state public relations officer Mr. Abimbola Oyeyemi. As indicated by Oyeyemi, Abraham was captured following a report at Ibafo police headquarters. The report was made by one Raliha Zakara, the child’s grandmother.

Zakara was said to have told the police that the charged individual, who is her nearby neighbor, went to the emergency clinic. Where her little girl was borne of the child. He went claiming to be the dad of the new infant. Subsequently, he requested for the placenta from the medical attendant on duty. And it was given to him, having professed to be the dad of the infant.

 He buried a dead rat instead

iBrandTV accumulated that the suspect misleadingly took the placenta from the emergency clinic on the misrepresentation of going to cover it. Anyway, inconvenience began when Raliha Zakara found that Abraham as opposed to covering the placenta burried a dead rodent.

Oyeyemi revealed that “When the grandmother insisted that she should be taken to where he buried it, it was discovered that he has hidden the placenta but buried a dead rat.”

It was found out that prior to the report, the DPO Ibafo division SP Abiodun Ayinde definite his investigators to the scene where the suspect was captured.

Previous arrest for fraud

Affirming the capture, the representative Ogun State Police Command DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi said that the Police found that the suspect was formally arrested. He was arrested for duping a cop and a minister of an immense amount of cash, He did that under the falsification of getting Canadian visa for them. The case is since being held in court.

He has since taken the analysts to where he concealed the placenta and it has been returned. Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, Kenneth Ebrimson has coordinated that an intensive examination ought to be done. And that the suspect ought to be charged to court at the earliest opportunity.



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