15 Million Nigerian Children Involved In Child Labor

NOIPolls, an opinion poll company based in Abuja in Nigeria on 3rd June, conducted an opinion poll regarding child labor. A section of Nigerians gave their views on the possible reasons that cause or lead to child labor. They also suggested  some of the ways that can be done to stop their spreading menace. The research showed that fifteen million Nigerian children are subject to child labor.

The research showed that 84% of the Nigerians agrees to the fact that child labor issue is prevalent in Nigeria. They claimed that they usually see children in their localities, engaging in various types of labor in their areas. The data collected by International Labor Organization (ILO) said that the children under 14 years in Nigeria that are working are estimated to be fifteen million out of the two hundred population.

Country director of ILO Mr. Dennis Zulu said this during a two-day workshop on ACCEL Africa. The workshop conducted on 3rd May in Abuja.  The results revealed that 43% of these kids ages between 5 and 10 years.

Causes of Child Labor for Nigerian Children

The child right act that was signed into law 2003, defines a child as one below eighteen years. Further states that the child’s best interest will remain relevant in all considerations. Sixteen years later, the poll showed that 58% of these kids are involved in street hawking. Eleven percent are in domestic work while those in street begging take 10% in the states of the federation as well as Nigeria.

The poll also showed that the highest number of street hawking and domestic workers are in northern Nigeria as compared to southern Nigeria. Many of those who interviewed blamed poverty at 58%, parental negligence at 16%, and finally, the bad economy at 10%.

Recommendations towards Curbing  Child Labor

In an interview conducted in the country, most of the interviewees 27% recommended that the creation of more jobs will reduce child labor.  Another 21% added that the government should work towards improving the economy. And 18 % suggested that the government should improve free basic education.  Among the suggestion was the government to create an enabling environment that will favor small scale traders. thus improving economy as well as increasing the employment rates in the country

Last words

It is important to note that the concerned stakeholder as well the government should consider working together. This way, they will be able to tackle child labor amicably. They will be able to implement the programs that will help in poverty eradication


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