Militia Attacks: Nigerian Kidnappers Free 53 People


Over the past months, militia attacks have escalated in Nigeria. School children, teachers, locals, generally all civilians have been victims of such incidences. Boko Haram, the militia group that happens to be active in the West African state, has perpetrated such acts. Nevertheless, they have become unstoppable because of their daily increase in numbers.

Many have suffered at the hands of these rebels. Some have been killed, maimed, raped, and even tortured in the militia attacks. Although the Government of Nigeria promises to end the insurgencies, the bandits have established a powerful force. It happens that they are taking advantage of ethnic differences to lure ignorant young boys to join their uprising.

Fifty-Three Freed

Earlier today, 53 passengers alleged to have been abducted by insurgents returned home after being freed. Sources reported that the people traveled in a bus in Nigeria when they were hijacked by anonymous men armed to the tooth.

The incident happened in Niger State, specifically in Kundu Village. The criminal gangs have been predominant in the northwest and central Nigeria, scaling up levels of insecurity. It is unknown if the state authorities paid-up ransom, as they previously promised not to pay any.

Abubakar Sani Bello, the governor of Niger State, commented in a tweet that he was delighted to receive the 53 bus passengers abducted by the armed bandits a week ago. The freed passengers were in the meantime receiving medical check-up before reuniting with their families. The governor’s spokeswoman attested that they engaged in endless negotiations before the passengers were freed.

“We went through one week of negotiations, consultations, hard work, and sleepless nights because we had to secure their release within the shortest possible time,” the governor’s spokeswoman, Mary Noel-Berje, said in a statement.

More Still Under Siege

Meanwhile, as the 53 awaited to reunite with their families, 42 were missing after being kidnapped from a school last week.

“The scholars of the Government Science College Kagara are still in the hands of their captives, but that everything is being done to ensure their release,” Noel-Berje said.

Days ago, a plane under surveillance mission to rescue the missing students and staff crashed, killing all the personnel on board. Sources reported that engine failures might have steered the tragedy. However, that has not yet been confirmed.

Surging Worry

Unlike some countries, Nigeria’s countryside has turned into a center of insurgencies. Locals are worried, especially as the attacks and abductions continue to escalate. The forests in Katsina, Kaduna, Niger, and Rugu now serve as homes to the armed rebels. Since the emergence of the abductions, the rebels have been demanding ransom. Therefore, there is no doubt that financial desires drive these groups.

The most unfortunate thing is that anytime they launch an attack, the damage they leave behind is irreversible. They destroy and displace. Refugee agencies in west Africa have confirmed that the growing number of refugees is because of the rebel attacks. Jihadists attack is a significant concern which Nigerian government should curb before it degenerates into a monster.



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