Libya: President Abdel Warns the GNA Against Making Advances in Sirte


The story in Libya dates way back during Gaddafi’s rule.  Since then, the nation has never been stable. Instability after instability, chaos after chaos. The United Nations had to intervene in the situation. It came up with an interim regime known as the Government of National Accord, GNA. It had to maintain peace in the nation though it had rivals.

There is the Haftar’s Libyan National Army, LNA, which causes friction in the state as it is trying to conquer some territories. Therefore, the country ended up having 2 powers: the GNA and the LNA.

Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia supported Haftar who was a commander. The story deepens when the LNA came out of the capital after the GNA conquered them. This arose a greater feud between the two administrations. The Turkish military helped the UN-government to turn back the Haftar’s force using air attacks targeting Haftar’s military men.

This is where the Egyptian intervention came in. There was this base called Al-Watiya. The turkey forces were discussing with the GNA to build the base. After a while, there were surprise air raids at the base. This might be forced backing up Haftar because these foreign air raids are similar to the ones Turkey forces used on the army commander. This was the start of this chaos. It might be a huge war if the misunderstandings continue.

The Initial Concern on Libya

There was a huge concern about Libya’s progress after the Government of National Accord and the LNA were gathering armies. They did this at the front line of Sirte. As this was happening, there was a probability that the Egyptian forces would intervene. Here it is. What will happen when the GNA advances in Sirte and trigger the Egyptian military.


The Egyptian Parliament Makes a Decision

The Egyptian National Assembly sanctioned an organization of the troops beyond the borders of the country. This is after the head of state talked of potential military activities in Libya.

The parliament said:

“The deployment of participants of the Egyptian armed forces on fight missions outside the country’s border. This is to protect the Egyptian national security against criminals and terrorists.”

The Voting Session

The voting occurred in an enclosed meeting. The MPs talked about potential threats that the country was facing from the West. The discussion came after the head of state met with the NDC (National Defense Council)

The NDC comprises the speaker, defense minister, foreign minister, and the military commander.

President Gives a Warning

President Abdel gave harsh warnings concerning GNA trying to make moves on the city. The Government of National Accord termed the president’s warnings as a declaration of chaos.

If this war comes to pass, it may leave damage to Libya and its borders. The country is already struggling to battle the coronavirus disease due to its weak healthcare system. Imagine what this war can do to Libya if it becomes a reality.


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