Libya Condems Egypt’s ‘Will not Stand Idle’ Threats


Libya has come out to condemn the recent threats from the Egyptian President saying Cairo will not stand idle threats to national security. The president warns to harm Libyan tribes going against the internationally recognized government based in Tripoli.

During on a meeting Thursday in Cairo, Egypt, with the leaders from the eastern Libya in an attendance. The Egyptian president Adel Fattah el-Sisi said he will not allow threats from Libya into the country’s national security. He says Egypt will not allow any moves that pose a direct to a direct threat not only in Egypt. But also, in Libya and the countries with the region, according president statement.

Libya’s Response

The Government of National Accord (GNA) through Foreign Minister Spokesperson denounced the statement as flagrant intrusion in Libyan internal affairs.

“President el-Sisi statement is a repeat of his previous talks which is a blatant interference in Libyan affairs.”

Mohammed al-Qablawi reports.

Additionally he says, that the president speech was “not aimed at peace, as he purports, but it is him who is inciting the Libyan conflict”

However, the statements comes just few days after the eastern-based Libyan parliament, sided with commander Khalifa Haftar. Who prepared a massive support to a threatened Egyptian military intervention in the country.

Libya, Egypt Chaos

This year, in June, Egypt president advised that its capital could start outside country military missions into Libya.  Saying “any direct interference in Libya has already become authentic internationally.

He threatened an attack in Libya if GNA forces takes control of Sirte, a small city between Tripoli and Benghazi lying about 800km away from the Egyptian border.

The Government of National Accord which for the past has been fighting to take control of Sirte from Khalifa Haftar, declared Sisi’s statement as a declaration of war between the two countries.

Libya for a longtime now has been in chaos since back in 2011 uprising that overthrown and killed longtime president Muamaar Gaddafi.

Since the death of General Gaddafi, Libya is split between rival factions based in Tripoli and another forces in the east. The two rivals has for a longtime involve in chaotic war that has attracted outside powers. And introduction of foreign arms and fighters.

The eastern side is under control of Haftar, with support from the UAE, Egypt and Russia. And the Tripoli based, GNA  getting support from Turkey.

In the past few months, Haftar’s army lost a lot  following Turkish army supporting the GNA. They acquired back the full control of the capital, Tripoli which Haftar had taken control over for 14 months.

The process of finding peace in the country

In a bid to find peace, Egypt proposed a peace meeting calling for a stop of war. For example, withdrawing its mercenaries and ending militia groups in the neighboring country. But GNA and Ankara disapproved the plan since el-Sisi gave out the plan with Haftar on his side.

It with hope that the United Nations Security Council finds a way of settling the chaos in the country. However, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres early this month warned that the unrest in Libya has entered a second phase with the help of foreign interference reaching unprecedented levels, calling for immediate actions.





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