The War in El Salvador Still Continues.

The War in El Salvador Still Continues.
The War in El Salvador Still Continues.

In 1979 a coup occurred and the Revolutionary Government Junta of El Salvador was in charge. This government took a lot of land that was privately owned (capitalism). Private owners control and direct a country’s economy and industries for profit.

A small group who had control over the state dissolved the Junta since it could not control the army.

During these actions, the people fought for their rights. For example, rights of unionization, better wages and freedom of expression for the LGBT community in the country.

Guerilla groups were growing all over the society. Students were in MERS, and AGEUS movements and the laborers were in Bloque Popular Revolucionario. During the 1970s, things got out of hand.

The death squads which emerged killed many people every day, and this was the start of a violence-filled nation.

Did the USA Play a Role in the El Salvador State Of War?

The USA provided financial support for creating a second government to change the political state of the country. This was to halt the growth of a leftist revolution.

Duarte was to be the leader of this new Junta, despite the upheaval that was already there. His duties as leader of the new junta were unacknowledged and hence rendered unfit to lead the revolution.

Oscar Romero, the Archbishop of San Salvador, was the hope of this state. He fought for the less privileged and hated the capitalist way of rule. Romero wanted this country to change in its ways.

He wanted to promote equality and freedom since the rich men denied most people’s voices in affairs of the state.

1980 is the year never to forget. The day when doom struck upon the hopeless and it drained away all hope. A death squad assassinated the man while giving a mass. This marked the beginning of a substantial and long civil war. No one knew that it would leave marks on them for a long time.

As conflicts arose in the region, many people got lost. The United Nations reported that about 75,000 people got killed in the war. The worst thing that links the US in this calamity is its cooperation. The Salvadoran Army which is US-trained was accountable for the El Mozote mass slaughter.


The Peace Agreement.

During Alfredo Cristiani’s presidency, they signed a peace treaty with the representatives of the country and the FMLN. They did this in January 1992. The United Nations acting as the advisor to mark the end of the civil war where lives got lost.

They did a remarkable event at Chapultepec Castle. Several representatives of the international organization were in attendance. The president shook hands with the former commanders, and this was a sign of hope.

What Next For El Salvador?

The signing of the peace agreement meant a huge step for the country’s restoration of hope and peace. However, this is not the case since the state is still experiencing post-wars, maybe because of the left traces of past capitalism.

So, the question is, will the state of war in El Salvador ever change?



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