Top 10 Youngest Richest People In South Africa


South Africa is one of the most beautiful places to go if you ever decide to travel out of the country to experience something new. I believe South Africa should be one of the places on your list. Giving the case that South Africa has 11 official languages it really wouldn’t be hard to find someone that speaks the same language you may speak. Also, because the country is known for its riches in mining and minerals you would never know maybe your luck might strike there and be on the list of the youngest richest people in South Africa.

Vusi Thembekwayo is a 27-year-old millionaire ranked as the 1st in Africa for Motivational Speaking. He was the youngest director of a multinational R17bn where he served as the operation director. He is known as the glue that brings diverse Audience throughout the world. Not only that but he has made it a priority of his to put South Africa on the map.

Adii Pienaar Is the owner of a company called Woo themes that designs and develops customize commercial themes and plugins for word press. He is also the founder of Public Beta a service that gives entrepreneurs to transfer knowledge to new startups. Because of his service he has open a way for entrepreneurs in South Africa to succeed.

Duduzane Zuma the son of the president of South Africa Jacob Zuma. Through Mr. Zuma company Mabelngela Investment holds a share in Ayigobi Consortium. Having this share in a company the money he makes he helps fund with his father help the education system in South Africa.

Mike Eilertesen is a 25-year-old entrepreneur that founded the company called “LIVE OUT LOUD” which is a luxury magazine company. What he truly does to contribute in South Africa is by going to fundraisers where he contributes money to help better educational opportunities for South African Students.

Sandile Shezi story of becoming one of the youngest millionaires is one that I believe should inspire everyone to take risks in life. When Sandile was attending the school he sold muffins that made him enough profit to take a risk and invest rather than putting his money away for his future education. Now he is a millionaire that invested in Forex trading. To me, his story is enough contribution to his country to give others the hope and idea to take risks in their future en devours.

Rupert Bryan a 25 year old South African that runs his own web developing company. His company is called web Africa is where I believe he makes most of his profit from.

Doug Hoernle is the type of person who realized his talent could be something he could actually make money from at a young age. Realizing that as a startup he sold inexpensive wines with personalized labels for birthdays or any such events that lead him to open his City Bowl Market.

Murendwa Mmabastho is a female entrepreneur that is apparently a multimillionaire with businesses varying from logistics to printing where most of her profit are attained.

Max Hussman is the founder of Elegance Group. He also takes pride in running his aviation business that he runs through Elegance Group that also includes Elegance Air and sports consulting.

Ludwick Marishane is the inventor of the dry bath. It is an innovative hygiene product for daily bathing designed to save water. A great way to help conserve water in South Africa but also around the world. He is also the founder of the company called Head Boy Industries al Trading.

These are so far the youngest people in South Africa that I have come across and have accomplished something amazing in their life to help others that are in need in return they got wealth as a result.

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