Lesotho Prime Minister Stepping Down Amid ex-wife Murder Probe


Here is the truth. Leadership is not as easy as you may think. Like any other profession, it has its challenges. For instance, Lesotho Prime Minister Thabane is willing to step down despite the ongoing investigation of his wife murder. At the moment, Thomas Thabane ages eighty years but hasn’t said when he officially quits as political uncertainty grips Lesotho.

Mr Thabane and his wife Lipolelo were in the middle of a bitter break up before the 2017 painful incident. Thomas will to resign comes after the accusations that he took part in his ex-wife murder case. He announced to step down as Lesotho prime minister on Monday while in his home constituency, Abia outskirts of Maseru Capital.

Resigning dates

Although Mr Thomas announced that he would quit, he did not state when exactly. Besides, he clarifies that he remains the head of the ruling party (All Basotho Convention party) for the moment. It’s normal and difficult to turn your back on something you have been into for quite some time. Of course, no leader enjoys leaving his or her supporter.

However, at some point, we all have to leave because of specific reasons. As of last week, the parliament split up his coalition.  Thabane’s political rivals are on their feet, pressuring the current prime minister to step down.

Here is the thing, whenever you are in trouble almost giving up, your enemies sees a chance to take you out of the equation. Thomas rivals accuse him of having a hand in the 2017 Lipolelo shooting incident. The opposition party is ready to take on the political position as Thomas is expected to resign by 22nd May. Besides, Lesotho is due to put in a new government.

Political Instability

Thabane ruling term is valid till the end of 2022.  However, in January, he set a target of leaving office by 31st July. Mr Thomas says the main reason to step down is his advanced age. Of course, as a leader, there will be times you need to rest and give the young ones a chance.

Since the beginning of this year, Lesotho faces a high degree of political instability. Here comes the worst, report says the police found Thabane’s cell number in communications records from his wife’s crime scene. With this kind of evidence, rivals demand Thabane’s immediate resignation.

After two months, Thabane married a second wife by the name Maesaiah and considered as the co-conspirator of the case. Although the court charged her of murder, she is already out on bail. All the same, Mr Thabane denied the allegations to involve in the killing.

Who is the Successor?

Lesotho citizens are now concerned about who to take Thabane’s seat. The main opposition democratic congress party and ABC nominated finance minister Moeketsi Majoro to fill the gap. ABC spokesman Montoeli Masoeta says majoro swearing-in is to take place as soon as possible. He also says that it does not matter whether Thabane set the exact dates to step down.

Montoeli claims that Thabane ceases to be at the office following the reported accusations. The national executive board should hold a special conference in July, to vote for a new leader. Despite these accusations, Thabane feels that he set an example for Lesotho citizens through his ten years plus leadership.


Despite the impact of political instability, we can change the leadership in our countries. Let’s create a better society by electing responsible leaders, who won’t abandon us in future. Sure, as African countries, we have come a long way- this is not the time to give up on our efforts. Together, we can make the African continent a better place.



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