Interrogating Ahmed Tinubu’s Politics and Ideas


Numerous scholars have defined politics as the battle for the procurement, control, and use of state power. Experience has shown that greater part of seekers of this state power, government officials and their confidants, are steadfast endorsers of the system of Machiavellian way of thinking regardless of how unforgivable such methods are.

politics in Nigeria

Against this case, it is no surprise that a large number of residents see political issues as a nasty game. Honest individuals ought to be tired of engaging in. However, this is a mixed-up thought of politics. It will leave this world to scavengers. People who seek after state opportunities just to disgustingly gather riches, without worry about the good of the people.

This is the worst thing about Nigerian politics. Our common principle, otherwise known as ‘democracy’.  Instead of it being a vehicle for national development, it has remained a successful flying plane for neediness and underdevelopment.

Ideas of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo

There are those government officials who are pulled in to the interests that will portray the quest for power. Those in this class look for influence only for their good. Also for the popularity, riches, and chance to practice power over others. These politicians consume much time and assets in getting power without thinking about the main use of power.

Then again, there is another class of politicians, and late Chief Obafemi Awolowo is the best model I can consider in such a manner. For this class, the abrogating reason for power and political issues is to help uplift the society. Especially to higher levels of improvement. That is the reason Awo characterized politics as “the art of selfless service to humanity”.

APC leader Tinubu


It appears to me that the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, best symbolizes the commitment to what I like to call creative value-added politics and ideas.

One generally gets the impact of perusing his perspectives. Asiwaju has created enthusiasm for basic reasoning and constant quest for transformational thoughts and plans that power will be used to actualize.

Studying Tinubu’s announcement to mark his 68th birthday celebration. It has reinforced my perspective on Asiwaju as a brain that ponders the nation’s struggles. Also which thinks of recommendations and thoughts to advance public greatness.

His political ideologies

You may not concur with a portion of his recommendations. Yet it will be hard to deny that his proposals couldn’t have been arrived at without hard reasoning,  and thorough conceptualizing with his partners. It is informative to realize that Asiwaju’s partners are in categories for various purposes and assignments.

These range from genuine and thorough scholarly issues. Such as research and documentation, to less intellectually acts like political dancing, praise, and love. These come as ‘salt’ to government. His birthday this year clashed with the coronavirus pandemic right now attacking mankind.

Although it is questionable that the regular government official whose revoking inspiration is a conscience-driven quest for power, he would put so much mental assets in the age of transformational thoughts.



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