Lesotho’s Prime Minister Set to Resign in Connection With The Murder of Estranged Wife.

Thomas Thabane with his current wife Maesaiah Thabane

Things have steadily been going downhill for Lesotho’s Prime Minister Thomas Thabane since the mysterious demise of his late alienated wife Lilopelo Thabane. The late Lilopelo Thabane was allegedly murdered in June 2017, 2 days just before the Prime Minister’s inauguration.

At the time of Lilopelo Thabane’s death, the couple was reported to have been involved in sullen divorce proceedings.

The late Lilopelo Thabane was murdered by unknown assailants in the outskirts of Maseru, exactly two days before the premiere, currently, aged 80 took office. she was shot dead in her car.


The charge against Lesotho’s Prime Minister.


The Prime Minister  is one of the prime suspects in the cold murder case of his estranged wife. He was expected to arraign himself in court on Friday 21st June 2020. He was to be charged with the murder of his alienated wife.

Thabane failed to appear in court as expected. His aide said he had gone for a routine health check in South Africa. This prompted the police to warn that they would issue an arrest warrant for failure to appear in court.


Who killed Lilopelo?


Lesotho’s Prime Minister Thomas Thabane and his current wife Maesaiah Thabane aged 42, are the major suspects in the murder case of Lilopelo Thabane. Therefore as a result, Maesaiah Thabane was arrested this month and charged with instigating the cold murder of the late Lilopelo Thabane. She is currently out on bail.

Lesotho police claim that investigations have it that Maesaiah hired gunmen to shoot the late Lilopelo although she was not present in the crime scene. Police investigations also found out that communication records from the day of Lilopelo’s cold murder included the prime minister’s number.

This has contributed to suspicions that he and his wife could be involved in the murder of his late wife. Mr. and Mrs. Thabane got married two months after the late Lilopelo’s death . They have since has denied any involvement in her death.


Prime Minister Set to Resign


The long unresolved murder case has taken a toll on the Prime Minister’s leadership . This has caused it to be questioned. So,this forced his ABC All Basotho Convention party to ask him to resign. The party members resolved that he could not continue leading the country with a murder case hanging over his head.

This prompted the (ABC) All Basotho Convention party to give him a deadline till 20th February on Thursday 2020 to resign. Thabane, however, snubbed the party’s deadline .He went ahead to announce on national radio that he would quit office by July 31st, because of his old age.




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