Killing field: More than 180 Dead Bodies Discovered in Burkina Faso


It is not common just to wake up to hundreds of bodies just lying lifeless on the ground unaccounted for. Well, Djibo town in Burkina Faso is currently facing this shaking incidence that has left its dwellers in shock and fear. The way the farmers and villagers explain the killings is traumatizing. It displays great terror inflicted upon them as they could hear the killings executed from their residential places. The homicides were more of an execution, as many bodies indicated gunshot wounds right on their heads. It is also believed the victims were blindfolded and their hands tied up.

Burkina Faso Government forces as the main killing suspects

Well it is not clear yet if the killings were conducted by the reigning bandits like the predominant al-Qaeda. But this time round reports says that there is evidence. Evidence which links the murders to the government forces. This is in reference to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports released earlier on this week. Consequently, it has called upon the government to conduct an in depth investigation. And place the culprits responsible accountable.

The government agreed to the terms of the HRW. Nonetheless, the minister for defense Moumina Cherif Sy defended the government forces. He claims that a terror group could have stolen the soldiers uniform. And postulated themselves as governments armed forces. As a result, efforts of distinguishing between the two groups would be in vain.

The shocking experiences

Interestingly, the dead bodies accounted for are only men. The HRW uncovered that the massacres probably took place between late last year, November, and this year June 2020. Meanwhile, the al-Qaeda mad the ISIS group are still up and running and responsible for the deaths of many civilians, resulting to over a million displaced people.

Governments efforts to combat these groups are proving to unsatisfactory to the community. The increased abuse reports have caught the attention of the European union and sahel leaders as well. As a result, a warning bell was sounded to the troops during the security summit held on June 30th. In case they were found to violate the human rights act, a punishment very severe, I might add, would follow suit.

Hope to the people

The country still clings to the hope of never living in fear amidst one of their towns turned into a grave yard. The investigations launched will help clear the air as to whether the government forces is responsible. Or not following statements from the members living near the crime scene. Thanks to the HRW for being courageous and empathetic enough to the people of Djibo.




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