Sahel Army Accused of Killings and Disappearance


For long, the semi-arid African region has been facing massive terror attacks by the Jihadist troops. Still, the national armies at Sahel army continue to try to end conflicts. Accusations of suspected killings and disappearance are mounting against the army troops. For that reason, their allies are truly worried as they proceed with the fight.

The Sahel Army dealings

Besides, the Sahel army has been in the fight for seven years. According to the reports, the Islamic militants first evaded northern Mali in 2012. With time, they managed to reach the center of the country, Niger and Burkina Faso. Thousands of civilians and soldiers have lost their lives. Similarly, hundreds of thousands fled their villages because of violence.

The increase in attacks

For the past few months, Mali recorded an increase in political fights. Sure, this worries their allies, such as France- the Former colonial power and the United Nations. UN MINUSMA said that the nation’s armed forces killed about 101 people between January and March. It also noted that Nigerian soldiers operating in Mali killed about thirty people in the same period. Likewise, neighboring countries, like Burkina Faso, present similar abuses.

The army arrested about twelve people on suspicion to get along with the Jihadist operations in the West African country. However, the people died while in detention last month. The NGOs and relatives said that the detained were ordinary civilians. For that reason, the Burkina Faso authority pledged to look into what happened in the base.

Likewise, Niger faces similar accusations. The International Crisis Group noted that one hundred and two people were missing from the west of Tillaberi. Besides, the Niger defense ministry had to respond to the allegations.  It vowed to look into the case while praising the effort deployed by its troops.

Political instability

Each time the democratic groups published an abduction report, most people on the listing were from the Fulani ethnic group. Besides, many said that the Fulani people are close to the Jihadists. The perception led to political conflicts between other groups and them. A member of the Fulani association in Mali said that they gave lots of statements talking about the killings. Moreover, the association concern is why the authority doesn’t react to such abuses.

Tabital Pulaaku- the Fulani association, requested anonymity. However, the association president Mr. Abou snow said it is undeniable that some of Fulani people joined the Jihadist group. He also notes that it is naïve to blame the Jihad military group alone. Sahel’s army criticism comes at a unique moment in the nation’s current history.

The UN also faces criticism from Security Council members because of the size of its operation in Mali. Sure, this is a result of the November helicopter crash, where thirteen soldiers died. France is also thinking about its position and role in the army. Besides, Jihadist attacks show a significant increase despite the presence of French and UN troops.


Indeed, this is the time for the armies to eliminate the Jihadist threat in the country. Although these efforts might backfire, the government should protect its citizens.  Besides, democracy begins with you. Preach out the benefits of freedom even to the young ones for a better tomorrow.



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